Not surprisingly! Mourinho has learned nothing from the defeat of Manchester United in Valencia.

Team manager "Red Devils" revealed nothing to surprise. The European club that broke his team. "Batman" came in the last game.

(Mike Egerton / PA via AP)

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has revealed that it was no surprise. With the results that come out. But it does not learn anything anymore. From the game, the team was defeated against Valencia in the UEFA Champions League.

United lost to Mestia 1-2 and missed chances to overtake Juventus to finish in the first position of the group when Juve also took over the Boise.

They will visit Liverpool this Sunday, which has adjusted Mourinho to 8 positions, as well as the return of Pablo back to the real one.

"I have not learned anything, nothing really surprises me", Mourinho said.

In the group stage with the championship, United has the opportunity to meet teams like Barcelona, ​​Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint Germain and FC Porto. , Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the next round.

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