One of the 5 best art lovers in the world!

Joe Apichart Genuine yarn.
Thai people do not lose a single country in the world! Congratulations to last "Joe Apichart Truly Ya Non" Founder and owner of the Muggle V website, which has submitted posters inspired by film trailers. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, or Fantastic Beasts and Residents: Crimes of Grindelwald. Participate in the competition And was selected as one of the five best art competitions in the Warner Bros. campaign together with Talenthouse. Pictures to find the most popular work of art to promote the film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes or Grindelwald. November 15

Joe Apichart Genuine yarn. "When I submitted the contest, I did not expect much, but when I knew I had been selected as one of the 5 works, I was so happy that I felt I was accepted from all over the world. hope that we will represent the spectators of the magical world, they are really successful Thai people, happy with myself I am happy as a Thai fan who tells the official media of the film The Thai fans are very passionate and ready to go out print like any other, I'm glad I showed it to you in this corner. "

Selected photo 1-5 of the world.
When asked about the design inspiration, Jo said, "I like to find the answer to the puzzle and summarize the story, that's the starting point for this work, so I planned to do it for many graphic designs. design and not as a movie poster, it will give the film fans the feeling that it is charming, it has a secret to find, have a magical smell I have placed the symbols in this design Alchemy Symbol The landing stone with Nicholas Flamel builds a strong character to make a Newt & # 39; s link worthwhile, Durban and Harry Potter together, presumably, Guinea then added small details, like the crow that connected the Lestrans and other interesting characters. all ensemble I must say that MinaLima, two graphic designers and cover art for the film Fantastic Beasts, have inspired me, and I love all the works they have designed for both of JK's films.
Hand sketch on paper
"I started picturing and sketching before, keeping details clear, then make a piece of graphical representation with Adobe Illustrator, start making elements that match the concept, then look at the image's balance. that the component made too much, decided to remove it Shadow then shadow elements In the yellow color, the symbol of Huffelpuf House looks old and boring, looks thoughtfully like the twilight of a movie The total design lasts about 10 hours. "

With a passion for the magical world of Harry Potter, combined with unique skills. It is the driving force to do what you love. And creating a continuous Jo said, "I think you should always keep Harry Potter the year." 6 to the age of 28 and then it is not wrong or absurd. Each Because it was the driving force for me to do so many things to do, I never looked down on my imagination.Thanks for the Book Publishing to translate Harry Potter comes to Thailand, as well as the fans, I am sure that if the children.The new Harry Potter book, it would be good for me Certainly, in any case, he will recognize that love is something valuable and open to others, it is very important in today's society, or do not hesitate to watch the film Animal of Wonder: Grimm Dale & Crime If you have doubts It would be the same as seeing Harry Potter from me now, and to see it, I believe JK Rowling will return some good things. "

"My dream on the path of Potterhead My work will be known abroad I know that it is one of my ambitions I am very happy that I am one of the five works selected by Talenthouse and Warner Bros. even more happy that I woke up on Twitter with JK Rowling has retweeted by Tweety That means she has seen my work for sure – it was a moment when I felt like I was standing in front of JK Rowling and she told me that. "I like your work "
The cover of the book The Wonderful Beast and the crime house of Grindelwald.
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Of The Wonderful Beast and The Resident: Crimes Of The Grindelwald JK Rowling's pens are scheduled to appear worldwide on November 16, 2018. The scenario will then be published as a book. "Beautiful animal" Crimes of Grindelwald Original Screenplay "in Thai by Nanmee Books It is planned to open free of charge with the PRE-ORDER book early in 2062. One copy of a real copyright brochure, only for those today from November 30, 2011 book in advance.

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