Online Station judges the biggest game award at The Game Awards 2020

Online Station, the # 1 market leader in digital media in gaming and the # 1 influencer network in Thailand, True Digital Group’s gaming media agency, becomes Thailand internationally as 1 of 27 countries around the world. Who had the chance to be one of the world’s most prestigious gaming juries, “The Game Awards 2020”, to officially announce the results of the award-winning games on December 10th.

For the “The Game Awards” an awards ceremony will be held in honor of the best games of the year. This is in line with the Academy Award for gaming by Canadian gaming journalist Geoff Keighley. The awards ceremony first took place in 2014 and has been held for the seventh consecutive year, with each award being determined by a panel of judges. Which has been selected by renowned game media from every region around the world as judges for the games that earn nominations for various awards each year, including the games that are the winners of each Also branches of the year, with the event becoming more and more popular every year to the public. From a global audience in the first year of 1.9 million people to the last in 2019, viewership has reached 45.2 million and has become the world’s leading game awards event in many rounds. The last year is over

The Game Awards 2020 recently released a list of games nominated by the judges and Online Station is also a member of the board. And the game that was voted the favorite of the best prize in each category on November 18 last year. A full list of nominated games can be found at this link:

By Online Station is considered a Thai gaming medium. A veteran of gaming media since long from the magazine to today’s digital age. It can be said that it is one of the media that has been linked to the Thai game industry for over 24 years nowadays. More than 39 million views of the content per year. And pioneered the “Caster” trend in Thailand until becoming the leader of the # 1 game influencer network in Thailand with the number of creators in more than 1,000 channels, such as powder Zbing z. Follow up to 12 million people and many other famous influencers in games.

Visit the link (Online Station belongs to Category T, originating from Thailand) to view a list of the press members who have been chosen as judges for The Game Awards 2020.

Follow the award ceremony “The Game Awards 2020” together on December 10th. Prepare to meet the surprises of the new World Premiere game trailer. That had never been revealed before. This is one of the features of the event that gamers around the world look forward to, in addition to the game prizes that are at the heart of the event.

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