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A woman’s health is very sensitive and subtle, one of the very near “silent threats.” Until it has a negative effect on daily life i.e. “endometrial disease” or more commonly known as “Chocolate cyst disease” if symptoms are found Should not be ignored or left for long As it can spread and even lead to death

By Dr. Arun Tritanon, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Police Hospital The owner of the health education page “Aran Tritanont, Desk” said that almost all women have the opportunity to experience menstrual reflux together. But not everyone has endometriosis. Or have a chocolate cyst in the abdomen The study found that 100 women had reversible amenorrhea, 90, but 10-15 had endometriosis.

For the warning signs of women at risk for this disease, Dr. Arun that there are 5 important things
1. Persistent abdominal pain during menstruation
2. Lower abdominal pain that gets worse with age. Even during menstruation
3. Women with infertility
4. women who experience pain during sex
5.if a mother, sister, or family member has had this disease before What’s most important not to ignore their own symptoms Because the lesion may be larger

This disease, like all diseases, is quickly known and can be treated immediately, ask the patient to see a doctor immediately, do not be afraid and clearly state all symptoms, such as very little abdominal pain The pain was so severe that it was not carry out daily life during menstruation This allows doctors to quickly diagnose and treat them. Doctors have two types of treatment procedures: drug treatment and surgery to reduce the burden on patients. The current main treatment approach is empirical treatment, the statistics of which show that the pain of most patients can be cured within the first 1-2 months after taking the drug. Without pain and a reduction in operating costs Which endometrial disease develops in the wrong place Can come back Even through medication or surgery As long as the woman is of childbearing age Or menstruation

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