Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs orders opening of EOC COVID 19 in every province

December 5, 2020


Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health orders the opening of EOC COVID 19 in every province

Dr. Kiattaphum Wongrajit, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health Giving an interview for a conference call at the Emergency Operations Center for Medicine and Public Health Cases of Coronavirus Infection 2019 and Medical and Public Health Preparedness In the case of smog and small dust, that COVID 19 is likely to continue to increase. Especially the neighboring countries, so Thailand, we must prepare for ourselves We now find COVID-19 patients smuggling across natural borders Tachileik province Myanmar But able to import, receive, hold, maintain and dispose of all exposed persons He also urged intensive prevention and control measures in border areas, and had the Department of Disease Control further analyze other risk patterns to avoid the possibility of infection in the country.

In this context, each province has been instructed to open a medical and public health center in the case of COVID 19, taking into account the following regulations: 1. Monitoring and evaluation of the situation within the province. 2. Prepare for hospitals, medical supplies, laboratories. And medical personnel 3. Surveillance of pneumonia patients and patients in the respiratory disease clinic (ARI) strictly according to the criteria of the Epidemiology Department 4. Send volunteers to knock, inform the public and screen for at-risk groups. Communicate correct information to the public and ask for cooperation. 5. Open a reporting point (Call Center) where vulnerable groups can report themselves. 6. Recommend measures To the chairman of the provincial committee on communicable diseases Including surveillance facilities in the area Mainly entertainment venues Must educate and encourage To comply with standard measures for disease prevention

“I want to encourage citizens and staff alike, do not underestimate the map, do not fall in the center and support all aspects of the province. We have reserved medical supplies such as masks, PPE sets, medicines, etc. To support the area. not enough research Coordinate to seek 24-hour support from the Emergency Public Health Division, ”said Dr. Kiataphum.

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