Realme 2 Pro Landslide Sale Only available for True Shop.

Realme 2 Pro 4 + 64 GB, which was sold immediately after the release on November 7th. The latest sales through the LAZADA 11.11 Shopping Festival on 11 November have been overwhelmingly received. LAZADA 11.11 is a popular store item with 1,000 sales in just 8 minutes.

Realme 2 Pro 4 + 64 GB is available through LAZADA, the first official release at LAZADA 11.11 Festival November 11 and at the time of the international release. Realme is also the number 1 in Thailand, from 00:00 to 02:00 on November 11, only 2 hours. It got a landslide, making it the number 1 ranking in the smartphones category.

Moreover, the number 1 in the number 1 sales per unit and against value in smart price was 5000 – 7000 Baht, and not only Realme 2 Pro 4 + 64 GB is also. Awarded the best smartphone at LAZADA 11.11 Shopping Festival.
Realme is a new smartphone for the new generation that comes with a compact specification and an excellent design. And for those who miss the chance on November 11, Realme 2 Pro 4 + 64 GB can still be purchased at a normal price of 6,590 baht every Wednesday during Flash sales via the channel LAZADA and for those who are waiting for Realme 2 version. Pro 8 + 128 GB can be purchased from November 15, 2561 Exclusive at True Shop. Associated branches More details Follow the RealmeTH Facebook page and get ready to meet the official launch of Realme. With new Smartphones from Realme again soon.

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