Seems 2 parallel projects ‘Income Insurance’, the state is adding money to help ‘farmers’

December 6, 2020


Seems 2 parallel projects “Income insurance”, the state compresses funds for farmers Both loans slowed the sale of paddy rice in the year. And loans to collect rice and create added value by farmers’ institutions

Besides measuresFarm income insurance AsRice price insurance Or compensation for the income insurance of rice farmers year63/64 Parallel measures are also carried out in parallel.

Most recently the Facebook page Thai Koo Fah He posted a message on December 4, 2020 with parallel measures to help rice farmers. Lake 2 project With details as follows

farmer! Get funding Help keep the price of rice up Rejoice with the peasant brothers After the government approved a program to insure rice farmers and reduce production costs earlier. Last has given P..g.S..Do a parallel project To help finance 2 project Is

1. Loan project to postpone the sale of paddy rice in the year Production year 2563/64

– Farmers have working capital when selling rice. Don’t rush to sell during the price drop.

Pay a loan 1.5 Million tons of paddy Bee Humidity no more than 15% Impurity no more than 2

– Farmers don’t borrow more than any income 300,000 baht

Agricultural cooperatives no more than 300 Million baht

Farmers group, no more than 20 Million baht

Community companies no more than 5 Million baht

All sectors from now on-28 g.Wed.64 The southern part starts the month. to have.C.. -31 g.C..64

2. Credit scheme for the collection of rice and the creation of added value by farmers’ institutions Production year 2563/64

– Farmers Institute has working capital to buy rice from farmers for storage. For sale or privatization to create added value

– Total limit 15,000 Million baht Interest 1% Per year

Can apply for a loan from now on –30 g.A. 64

For more information, please visit P..g.S..All branches nationwide or Call. 0 2555 0555

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