"Stamp-Pang-Room 39-Lion" gives the troops a happy year-end

"Pattaya City, Chonburi" Together with "Channel TV MONO29 " (Mono Twenty Nine) In Mono Group Organize the event to send happiness during the New Year's Eve Festival to welcome the New Year. "MONO29 PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2019 : Universe of Entertainment The most fun in the universe " (Mono Twenty Nine Pattaya Countdown 2019: Universe of Entertainment) For the people of Chonburi and nearby provinces to visit for free! And enjoy the activity to win prizes worth more than two million baht With a concert of many of Thailand's leading artists, full of light and solid productions! At the tourist station of Pattaya (Bali Hai Cape) together with a 2 day 2 night

By the first night (Dec. 30) Received feedback from Pattaya people, both Thai and foreign tourists Travel to participate in the fun activities Government Savings Bank, Dhipaya Life Insurance, Mitsubishi, Mama, Reddy Drink, Pattaya City Travel Association, Sak Siam (Top King) and 3BB. Take a picture with the gigantic Christmas tree, enjoy the famous restaurant. , Hit the shoulders with these superheroes And register to win prizes Also enjoy the concert of artists. Mono music Led the team "Bel-Lalaee", "Talat-Natanicha", "Ice GSB ", 4 boys from" Blue Gents "," Hi-Q "," Rose-Sirinthip "," Kanom-ngunmas "," Tao-Sethapong "," Panadda Ruangwut "and" Tao-Somchai " Then reached the row of "ROOM 39 "," Lucky Lion "," Ben-Chalatit " And end with "Stamp – Apiwat" Who are full of fun to celebrate the happy delivery season

Later on December 31st it started with the New Year, 2018 and the Muay Thai competition of world class. "MONO29 TOPTING WORLD SERIES TK27 PATTAYA THE LATEST "(Mono 29 Top King World Series World Class Muay Thai Fight TK27 Pattaya Judging Round) then Khun Sonthaya Khun Pluem, President of Pattaya City Has the event opened "MONO29 PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2019"For the time of explosive fun with concerts by artists who came on stage on the night of the New Year, such as artists from Mono music Directed by 4 girls "GELATO (Gelato), Pete-Peera, Oh-Seksan, Zenphone, The Voices Cheese, King-Ping Chet, Tony Ghost, Ploy Chom, Eh-Jirakorn. and "Pang – Prince"

From that moment on it is time to enter the countdown ceremony to end the New Year's Eve and to welcome the New Year together. Moralisak Rattanathanya Deputy Governor of Chonburi Province, Pattaya City President, Mono Group executives and artists Join the whole year in seconds Sing together "Happy New Year" To bless everyone in the new year With a fireworks show of 36 photos, it shot in the air at midnight for more than ten minutes. Great and wonderful to be a gift for those attending the event tonight. And got a big prize Mitsubishi Triton car's for releasing fun over the years "Retro Spectrum" and "DJ Rabbiizz " All night, amidst a smile and joy, enjoying a new era

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