Tejarin Pornpakkak, moved, Alexandra, not formed, couple plan, Taiwan Tour

Was looked at about the relationship since it was launched that it was a mutual relationship. For a few Lady Jirinporn and the young Alek Teajade, who was recently seen as a young woman, a couple refused to form. Because of the relationship or not during the event "AIS Bangkok Countdown 2019" for Central World The girl Referring to the open mind And revealed to prepare to use the male side to travel to Taiwan And update the plan to a house that now covers more than 8 digits

Do not countdown this year with Alexandre?

"Yes, no countdown with anyone, instead come with all Thai brothers and sisters, but shortly after the new year We will make a trip to Taiwan and also have a gang of friends."

This journey should have a weak figure?

"I do not know Asked if there was a private photographer Is there a lot of self-image? Do not be bored."

Still sweet as before?

"Keep asking if we are more open because of the photos." Is not it related to the image of the relationship? "For Tei he thought it should be learned." To be natural For us, about a year and a half, It may not be very long, I looked at it before, I was scared, what happened before? & # 39;

Do we still feel a bit of feelings?

"It does not call the vest on Who we are, we are very respectful to him, we did not have a vest We are very much in touch." More information It takes time. "

Do we have a clear separation time?

"Tei is the person who does what he does, not the person who reports what it is .. Well, we have grown up and do not always have to stay together, but if we have time, we talk together all the time. 39;

Last seen with Alex Rendel, where to go?

"It's very happy, both Tae and Alex Is waiting for the gooseberry turtle to come back He did not return for 5 years, but he was back We were very happy when he heard the news As far as Alex is concerned, he went with his family, so I met the turtle together. "

Do we do the same?

"Yes, I'm working on the thesis on preserving the gooseberry." When he came forward, we were encouraged to do the following, but keep doing it the best But if it ends within a year Will be very happy try it. "

Update the story of doing homework for parents Done Yet?

"Keep doing, now the interior is over.If you look from a country Is like a completed house But the inside is not finished yet As the story about building a house Everyone knows it has to escalate Is very normal We have it once done and wanted to make it right, must see what is necessary, not necessary But now it is best for parents Everything about it, 10 years ago, we built a house that you want it to be good.

More than 10 million?

"Too much, still to decorate the house again, but Tei thinks he might come in maybe next year or not.

Consult with the youngest?

"He said, Oh, why do you build a lot? He had made it before But he had no help Giving some advice As far as decoration is concerned, we have to see the furniture together, but they are all interiors and employ architects. 39;

Are you buying a piece?

"I do not know, buy it for me (laughs)"

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