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ThaiRun Thai Startup attracts AI to help "camera people run" with sales of an average of 40,000 images per month

Assoc. Prof. dr. Dr. Bunyarit Uyananwattana
Thai Run (ThaiRun) StartUp Thailand announces its success in 2018, and makes a great profit after 2 years of founding and is preparing for big money in March 63 to tighten the platform to support more diverse jobs. With face search system with AI technology and Big Data, with an average sales of 4,000 cards per month Among the active images uploaded to the system more than 8000 images per week

Assoc. Prof. dr. Dr. Boonyarit Yanyanawara, president of Thai Dot Run Co., Ltd., stated that ThaiRun today, after the start of 2016, is a start-up that started to make a profit in 2018. By the year 62, the company will focus on extending the company to jobs abroad at the same time, it will expand the variety of AI services.

"ThaiRun has Face X technology (Face X) .You can use it to find someone's face.At any size In addition to selling running photo's We are expanding to the wedding group.Or a graduation ceremony That's the job that most colleagues & # 39; s want to have their own photo's No privacy violations. "
Kamon Sirichan
Assoc. Prof. dr. Dr. Boonyarit explained that Face X is a facial search system. And the facial recognition system developed by the company to work within a fraction of a second because of the Big Data and AI capabilities (large data processing and artificial intelligence). The ability to quickly process large amounts of data makes this technology suitable for marathon running. Many people are involved. Focus on speed that does not require high accuracy. And if results are shown that cover the images of other people, this is not serious damage

"Face X uses the facial image method which will draw the 32 index that will not change according to the rotation of the page, such as the eye distance index or the length of the eye with respect to the lips This ratio does not change when tilting the face. The Face X system does not require the face index to match exactly, only 16 or half of the results are displayed, and in contrast to facial recognition systems that require immigration, it uses 140 more detailed and accurate indexes. "

What ThaiRun does is use Face X technology to offer services in the form of a platform via the name service. Photo.Thai.Run The main function is to search the image from the face. That the cameraman of runners will use as a source for uploading photos made by every marathon runner during the event Runners who want to find their own image Can load their own facial image into the system And specify the running event in which you participate So that it system can find images of faces in the neighborhood At this moment, Thai Run estimates that Face X has a high accuracy of 95% and that the output of the image is quite complete. Making runners no longer has to find pictures of every photographer

Success of Photo.Thai.Run Today the cameramen perform more than 8,000 images per week. The system can sell an average of 40,000 images per month (5%). This point can not be clearly compared because no data was collected in the previous period. The reason for this very good feedback is because Photo.Thai.Run share revenue sharing with more than 80% of photographers, which is more than other image distribution platforms that offer lower revenue ratios.

"In the future, the system can combine multiple runs, but the search time can be longer because the number of images in the system is extremely high, because a running event has millions of photos. & # 39;

The event was a Bang Saen 21 Mini Half Marathon run on December 16, 2018. The event is the first run in Thailand to be certified by the world-class IAAF Bronze Label. There are official photo search images to search for more than 1 million. The image next to the runner's face Users can search by agent identification numbers or BIB together.

Future business plan Thai Run pointed out that the Face X system is beginning to be used to increase marathon level in other areas, such as safety. Cheating from runners And to identify the runner's disease in time. At this time, Face X can only provide more running events than face detection at the checkpoint.

"Now we are going to apply. Is considered to be more advanced than in many countries. Not included." Assoc. Prof. dr. Dr. Boonyarit stated. "In addition to running, the Face X system can also be used for weddings, allowing the system to find images that have their own faces, or a graduation ceremony that is open to photographers who have been given permission to take photos and images. to sell, all work related to photo ?? s such as the car show. "

Mr. Kamol Sirichan, co-founder of Thai Dot Run Co., Ltd., explained that the company does not employ cameramen. And invest huge server costs What is expected this year is to expand abroad, such as Running events in Malaysia and Singapore What the system name from "Thai Dot Run" to "Run X" service will change, believes that this opportunity Create through the gaps in the camera market Some of them pay high costs to hire a personal photographer Although some people do not

"100% image copyright belongs to the photographer Thailand works as a search platform, we have a photographer's meeting every 3 months to update the information, or give photographers a better way to sell their own photos"

One of the knowledge that summarizes AI of the system Photo.Thai.Run, during the period of 1 year is the most successful work the photo with beautiful views. And photos at the finish That is the point that runners will have the clearest emotions that runners photographers tend to make thousands of thousands of photos in uninterrupted ways That makes the system Photo.Thai. Run There are hundreds of thousands of images in the library every week.

Present Photo.Thai.Run Supports payment systems on the platform via e-mail filling. And pay with debit card, iBanking and LINEPay credit card, the most important market group is runners in the event, with forty thousand people per week At this moment it appeared that more than 52 weeks in Thailand 2018 organized about 1,000 marathon events for the year 2019, of which is assumed that it is about 1,200 jobs per year, both large and smaller jobs. This number increased by about 100 jobs from 2017 onwards.

The most sold images Photo.Thai.Run Is a low resolution image Price 50 baht This group of images represented 80% of all sold images The remaining 20% ​​is a photo with a higher resolution Price 100, 150 and 200 baht Statistics with images purchased in the system are high. The most is 4.000 baht each

In addition to Photo.Thai.Run There are other services that are the source of income for Thai Dot Run. Is the proceeds from the complete platform service for registration Runners follow system at Check Point points and shop websites shop.thai.run Online shop That sells running shirts and other products from partners that make money for the company.

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