The answer is just like the face! Mew Nittha and the drama were tipped off. Take pictures like a wooden plank.

After the previous Charming young heroine Mew Nitthajirayoung Came out to show off the glory in a Thai silk evening dress, went to the 2020 Vogue Gala but one netizens commented that “What would be as flat as a plank?” Which made fans come down to fight back instead Until it became a minor drama issue in the middle of the female protagonist’s Instagram

Last (Dec 3) Mew girl He opened his heart to the point of the drama and said, “It’s pretty good, why? (Laughs) Really, Mew wants it to look flat, even when I’m taking pictures I always tell the photographer how to do it so that it looks flat. Every Is That Miu felt that when the set was broken And that it was flat at the time. It should look nicer. It doesn’t look like porn either. “

“The image you see is our intention. It’s a request from Mew that you can do whatever you want so it doesn’t look like porn (laughs). We are married If it goes deep, what’s right? As for your mother, you don’t mind. And the man also allows Asked whether it was irritated or not. Not at all. Like I said, Miu didn’t want the image to be pornographic or sexy. Like a model (laughs) “

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