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"The dollar is stable. While the Sino-US trade war continues to extend

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Currency trading department Bangkok Bank Reported that the movement of the foreign exchange market on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, the baht currency opened the market this morning (15/5) at the level of 31.49 / 51 baht / US dollar. Unchanged from the market on Tuesday (14/5) at 31.49 / 51 baht / US dollar Yesterday, US President Donald Trump confirmed that trade negotiations with China have not failed. And he argues that the tariff war is getting fiercer. "A bit of a fight", which he predicted positively In the future there will be a trade agreement with China. At the same time, John Williams, president of the US Federal Reserve (Fed), said the New York branch. Measures for importing Chinese goods will raise US inflation. And can slow the pace of economic growth

The US Department of Labor has reported that Import prices rose less than expected in April, when the import price of capital goods put 0.4% under pressure in April, which is considered to be the largest fall in ten years and a sign of inflation. Can stay at a low level for a while While the export price in the month of April has risen by 0.2% monthly. After an increase of 0.6% in March, prices of agricultural products fell by 1.5%, but export prices for non-agricultural products increased by 0.4%, while during the day the baht was between 31.48-31.60 baht / dollar fluctuated within the framework. federal For closing 31.57 / 59 baht / US dollar

For the movement of the euro The euro opens today (15/5) at the level of 1.1206 / 08 USD / Euro. Deprecated from the closing level on Tuesday (14/5) at the level of 1.1238 / 40 USD / Euro. The euro weakened after Mr Matteo Salvini, Italy's Deputy Prime Minister, said Italy was ready to violate EU budget rules (EU) on debt levels. If needed to boost employment Said by European Union officials The diminishing budget situation of the Italian government will lead to Italy violating EU rules this year and next year, except that the Italian government will change its own policy if the EU opts for a tough approach. Will take disciplinary action towards Italy And may oblige Italy to adapt, the EC will issue a report on Italian finances on 5 June and may request disciplinary action. The final decision on this will depend on Mr Jean-Klodungerker, President of the European Commission.

At the same time, the market is concerned that the trade war between China and the US can also extend to Europe. The European Commission recently announced that the EU is exporting a summary of American products, that the EU will collect taxes in case the United States levies a tax on cars from Europe. President Trump is expected to make a decision on May 18. During the day, the euro moves between 1.1196-1.1221 US dollar / euro and closed the market at the level of 1.1208 / 11 USD / Euro

For the yen value movement, the market opened this morning (15/5) at 109.61 / 63 yen / US dollar. Slightly strengthened from closing the market on Tuesday (14/5) at 109.68 / 70 yen / US dollar The yen is still supported by the ongoing intensified trade war. As a result, investors increased ownership of the Yen currency as a secure asset. During the day, the yen moved between 109.38-109.70 yen / US dollar and closed the market at the level of 109.44 / 47 yen / US dollar

US key economic indicators this week include retail sales in April (15/5), monthly production index. May of the New York Fed (15/5) Industrial sector in April (15/5) Share of business sector in March (15/5) The number of weekly unemployed claims (16/5) Monthly production index May of the Philadelphia Fed ( 16/5) April Economic Indicators of the Conference Board (17/5) May consumer confidence of the University of Michigan (17/5))

For the 1-month morning swap interest rate in the country is -2.4 / -2.3 Satang / USD. And the hedging percentage for 1 month in the morning is -4.0 / -2.5 satang / US dollar

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