“The Rabbit” invaded the nest “Kirin swagger” FA Cup round of 32 teams

Leader in the Thai League 1 table “The rabbit” BG Pathum United “has a queue to visit “Swagger” SCG Muang Thong United “in the FA Cup Cup round of 32 teams, while” Singha Harbor “, FC Port Authority, the 2019 season from the home opening, waiting for the team game of” Thai League 2 “

Soccer Cup in the “Chang FA Cup” game on Sunday December 6 is a round of 32 teams, with a total of 8 pairs of kicks, including the SCG Muangthong United (Kylen Prong) team. 9th place at the “Thai League 1” table opens the home field SCG Stadium to deal with BG Pathum United (The Rabbit), the leader of the Thai League 1 crowd, back to the 64 team round, “Kirin Swagger “S CG Muang Thong United opened the house to collapse, the lower team is Pattana Nikom City score 10-0, while BG Pathum United invaded Udon Thani FC, the Thai League 2 team with the score 2-1 to they met in the round of 32 double teams This was when they met in Thai League 1 match when BG Pathum United opened their home win SCG Muangthong United scored 2-1, other pairs competing on the same day Buriram United meet Poliz Tero FC, considered a duel between the “Thai League 1” team, the next pair is the Port Authority F. Last season’s champion opens his home to meet with MOF Customs United, a Thai League 2 team.

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