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The Thai girl slapped and beat Poland to end the volleyball National League the first week.

Slapped the Thai girl, lost to Poland

Slapped the Thai girl, lost to Poland. Finish the Nation League volleyball first week

Slapped the Thai girl, lost to PolandWomen's volleyball competition peoples league 2019 The week 1 At Stego Stadiumarena Opel City Poland During the night 23 May.the. Thai rubber ball team I have found the third game Polishhost For this Thai girl surpassGermany 3-0 seriesAnd loss Italy 0-3 seriessectionPolish to loseItaly 2-3 seriesAnd winGermany 3-1 series

This game "Express coach" Danai Sriwachat Methakun Team coach Send the first set of players. Achara Porn Probably rank, the Oberliga the gold, Smooth mental thin white, Onuma Right guard, Professor Muhammed Tom Kam, Chakorn Museum Bunloet the Thikhamporn sex blessings Green elephantAnd Piyanuch Little keyboard Is an independent recipient

Start the first two setsEven though Thai girls are in good shapeAchara PornCan help the team on many points But generally PolandEven better By relying on a large bodyStairs to score both blocksAnd a heavy blow Thai girl playing, losing control First conquered 25-20, 25-20 Come on 2-0 series

Enter the third setThai girls have no choice You just have to keep the set. To convince to win But when he returned to play, he couldn't do well There are still mistakes getting the ball.And often hit himself Moreover, Poland also has a strong block.And the aggressive game Make this setPolishClose the game 25-13 Complete the game Thai girl is beating to lose Polish 3 set Trwd 20-25, 20-25, 13-25 resulting in This first week, Thailandsurpass 1 to lose 2 Appointment has 3 points

As for the player who scored the highest score in this match, Malvina Masag is 18 points, while Thailand Achara Phon Kongyot is 16 points.

For female volleyballpeoplesleagueweekat2 Will compete in Macau ThailandWill findChinese date 28 May.the. time 6:30 pm the. findSouth Korea date 29 May.the. time 15:30 the. And found Belgium date 30 May.the. time 15:30 the.

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