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The worst economy in ASEAN

Date 12 Nov 2020 at 22:33

Supatthanaphong sees the Thai economy recover best in ASEAN after 800 billion baht.

Supatthanaphong Phanmichaow, Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister, said the overall picture of the Thai economy will grow at a better level in the third quarter of 2020. The National Society (NESDB) of NESDB will revise its forecast for the Thai economy (GDP) again this year. He believes that the Thai economy will grow best in ASEAN this year

The Thai economy recovered well in the region. It comes from the government’s control of the COVID-19 outbreak. Solved the problem at the right time by taking measures to shut down in the 3 months that the government has taken measures to shut down Has spent more than 800 billion baht on direct and indirect public care and paid 5 billion baht in remedies for 3 months with a total from 4 hundred million baht. And support cash flow to create business liquidity of 300,000 million baht. This keeps the economy moving forward

There are still many growth opportunities for the economy in 2021. From the development of the COVID-19 vaccine And the government’s willingness to support the post-crisis economy Progress with several large-scale investment projects to support all EEC projects. With a reserve level of more than 8.5 trillion baht, with a strong and modern capital market. It will also be a supporting factor for the economy in the coming year.

In 2021, the government will form an aggressive action team. To attract more foreign investors to Thailand After the government began to open up the country to receive tourists And businessmen to invest in Thailand Measures will be prepared to promote specific types of investment, measures open to foreigners interested in buying real estate in Thailand and obtaining a 10-year visa have already started in 2Q2021, foreign investors will start to see Big decision to invest in Thailand And after that, by 2022, we will start to see more real investment, ”said Supattanaphong.

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