£ 1 million for Lisa's legs

HDP & # 39; s general elections held on June 7, 2015 during the demonstration, the bombing of the DAEŞ & # 39; to 4 people died, 400 people were injured. Lisa Çalan, who lost her second leg during the explosion, filed a petition with the Ministry of the Interior in February 2016 requesting material and moral damages on the grounds that the person responsible for the crime was guilty. Diyarbakir appealed to the Second Administrative Court of the Republic of Turkey and filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of the Interior. The court pointed out that in the last month of July the explosion could occur, pointing to the chain of negligence in many ways and convinced that there was a service failure. The court, 100 ministries of the Ministry of morality, a total of 1 million 356 thousand pounds to pay compensation.

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