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The Sacrament Bayram Prayer Time is 2018 The Religious Affairs Day 2018 Sacramental Bayram Prayer Times announced. Citizens are from the Internet, & # 39; & # 39; Turkey Eid al-Adha prayers in a few hours to be healthy? I sacrifice Sacrament Bayram Prayer Hours 2018 & # 39; & # 39; Sacrifice Bayram prayer & # 39 ;, #,; which questions will be read at what time? On the first day of the Bayramn sacrifice, the 21st Austos Sal day coincides with the 10th day of the government. We have compiled our prayer times for the Muslims who are interested in the sacrifice Bayram prayers. Expected explanations for those looking forward to the holiday of Kurban Bayram. The offer will be held for 9 days to be recorded in Bayram holiday arena day. Bayram prayer klmak vaciptir. He is municipal active. All I have is a Bayram prayer club. It is as if you are a witch, and it is like the Friday prayer. The ranch is not read, the house is not made. Ramadan Bayram and Sacrifice Bayam twice a year prayer ceremony. On the first day of Ramadan and the Offer Festival.



Adana Bayram Prayer times: 06.39

Prayer time of Adyaman Bayram: 06:27

Afyon Bayram Prayer time: 06:57

Ar Bayram Prayer time: 06:06

Aksaray Bayram Prayer time: 06.43

Amasya Bayram Prayer time: 06:33

Ankara Bayram Prayer time: 06:46

Antalya Bayram Prayer time: 06: 58

Artvin Bayram Prayer time: 06:09

Aydn Bayram Prayer: 07:08

Balkesir Bayram Prayer time: 07: 06

Bartn Bayram Prayer time: 06.46

Batman Bayram Prayer time: 06.15

Bayburt Bayram Prayer time: 06.16

Bilecik Bayram Prayer time: 06.57

Prayer time of Bingol Bayram: 06.17

Bitlis Bayram Prayer time: 06.11

Bolu Bayram Prayer time: 06.50

Burdur Bayram Prayer times: 06.59

Bursa Bayram Prayer time: 07.01

Çanakkale Bayram Prayer: 07.12

Çankur Bayram Prayer time: 06.42

Corum Bayram Prayer time: 06.37

Denizli Bayram Prayer time: 07.03

Diyarbakir Bayram Prayer: 06.19

Düzce Bayram Prayer time: 06.52

Prayer time Edirne Bayram: 07.09

Elaz Bayram Prayer time: 06.22

Erzincan Bayram Prayer: 06.20

Erzurum Bayram Prayer time: 06.12

Eskiehir Bayram Prayer times: 06.56

Gaziantep Bayram Prayer time: 06.31

Giresun Bayram Prayer time: 06.23

Gümühane Bayram Prayer times: 06.19

Hakkari Bayram Prayer time: 06.05

Hatay Bayram Prayer time: 06.37

Isparta Bayram Prayer time: 06:58

stanbul Bayram Prayer: 7 am

zmir Bayram Prayer: 07.11

K.Mara Bayram Prayer Times: 06.32

Karabük Bayram Prayer time: 06.46

Karaman Bayram Prayer time: 06.48

Kars Bayram Prayer time: 06.04

Kastamonu Bayram Prayer time: 06.41

Kayseri Bayram Prayer time: 06.37

Kilis Bayram Prayer time: 06.32

Krklareli Bayram Prayer time: 06.44

Krehir Bayram Prayer time: 06.42

Kocaeli Bayram Prayer time: 06.57

Konya Bayram Prayer time: 06.50

Kütahya Bayram Prayer time: 06.58

Malatya Bayram Prayer time: 06.26

Manisa Bayram Prayer: 07.09

Mardin Bayram Prayer time: 06.17

Mersin Bayram Prayer time: 06.42

Prayer time of Mula Bayram: 07.07

Mu Bayram Prayer time: 06.13

Nevehir Bayram Prayer time: 06.40

Nide Bayram Prayer time: 06.41

Osmaniye Bayram Prayer time: 06.36

Army Bayram Prayer time: 06.25

Rize Bayram Prayer time: 06.14

Sakarya Bayram Prayer time: 06.55

Prayer time Samsun Bayram: 06.31

anlurfa Bayram Prayer time: 06:25

Siirt Bayram Prayer time: 06.12

Prayer time Sinop Bayram: 6.35 am

Sivas Bayram Prayer time: 6.30 am

Tekirda Bayram Prayer time: 06.07

Tokat Bayram Prayer time: 06.36

Trabzon Bayram Prayer time: 06.18

Tunceli Bayram Prayer: 06.20

Uak Bayram Prayer time: 07.01

From Bayram Prayer time: 06.05

Prayer time Yalova Bayram: 7 am

Yozgat Bayram Prayer time: 06.38

Zonguldak Bayram Prayer time: 06.49


On 21 August 2018 Sal's saler days were shared by the Diyanet.

Sacrifice Bayramnda will be the first Adana. Adana Bayram Prayer time 06.39,

In Istanbul,

In Ankara,

Bursa & # 39; da 07.01,

Kurban Bayramnda is the last province to stay in Izmir. The prayer time in Kurban will be realized in zmir on 07.11.


Bayram prayer klmak vaciptir. He is municipal active. All I have is a Bayram prayer club.

It is as if you are a witch, and it is like the Friday prayer. The ranch is not read, the house is not made.

Ramadan Bayram and Kurban Bayram two times a year holiday resort klnr. On the first day of Ramadan and the Offer Festival.

2 Rekat Bayram Namaznn Kln

First of all: "I intend to worship prayer that is wajip, I am ready to imitate the imam" intentions are stopped by the intention.

Then the imam and the congregation will read the "Subhaneke" prayer on a quiet earth.

After the Supreme, he is brought together three times with the imam by saying "Allahu Ekeber". When someone is brought up, the other person is left in the ears (as in the iftitah), leaving the first in the first and the second in the second. In the third, the belly connects.

After the third, the Fatiha first reads the Quran, then the Koran, the ksa reads at least three verses or three verses, a long verse and the imam together with the imam.

Riku and Secs are ready and Ayaga (second rakata) is lifted and the hands are connected.

In the second recitation the imam reads at least a long verse of Fatiha and the Koran, and a long verse with three verses or three verses. Then the imam is collected three times by saying "Allahu Ekeber". If the item is one, the dealer will leave the ears and leave. He leaves in the third. In the fourth they do not lift their hands to their ears, but they are bent on a bow.

Ruku and Secs are made.

Sit down and read the imam and community, the Ettahiyyatu and the Allaahumme salli, the Allaahumme Bârik and the people of the Lord.

After the discussions, the imam is greeted first, then sala left and the prayer is completed.


Fools of the flesh: "The foolishness of the foolish," he said.

Aza quilt: we take water three times and give Azmaz. We pour water on the bottom of each water bath.

We give water again to the hunt: we take the water three times to the hunt and give it to our nose. We are clean with our left hand.

The face wash: then we take water to our two hunters and wash our face three times from the end of the hair to the bottom of the chin.

Wearing the wrist: the wrist first folds three times with the elbow.

LEFT CONNECTION LEFT: Then the left arm is bent three times with the elbow.

Mesh to Ba: We adapt all four of us. In other words, we slatz slatz ban swapping one of four.

Hearing the ears: we both have our ears constricted with our small fingers. The back of the ears is humiliated with our fingers.

Braid the neck: then, without using the ba and the small fingers, we mark the middle, the ring fingers with d and the neck.

Feet leeches: when it comes to the feet, before the fingers sit, the left shoulder is lifted three times with the heel bone.


Preparing the holidays in advance, wearing clean and beautiful clothes nowadays, gusledilmesini, grumbling with diliruses, smelling well, being a good face, praying before the Ramadan holiday, and so on. when the sacrifice festival is first defeated of the sacrifice, if it is possible to walk on foot and if it is possible to use another way, to much charity, to give the fit for prayer,

According to the Hanafî & # 39; s the war is according to Hanbalî and îfîîler according to the Sunnah, and according to Maliki it is menduptur. According to the Hanafi and Hanbalis, the fourth day of Eid al-Adha on the fourth day of Eid al-Adha is twenty-three o'clock to the afternoon prayer, according to Mâlikiler the first day of Eid al-Fitr on the fourth day. These two views can be found in the Âfiîller, while the first vision is adopted in practice.


The sacrifice is cut off for Allah Rza & # 39; s. Among Muslims, love, friendship, brotherhood, helping to develop feelings. A good bridge between the rich and the poor takes the basis of the bridge. Those who sacrifice will raise the ball to Allah. It is easy to be close to him.

The person who sacrificed, the prophet. such as brahim and smail, who are ready to obey the commandments of Allah.

Moreover, the sacrifice means sacrificing the love of God for the people. The person who offers the sacrifice will fulfill this purpose by sharing the love of God to earn Allah's favor.


The sacrifice is a prayer that every Muslim who fulfills the prayer must listen to the material.


It is easy to remember the prayer and memorize it when you sacrifice. Those who can not remember can read the prayer for the sacrificial band by typing a ward in the simplest way.

to pray to be read as sacrifice is cut: "Allahumma inni veccehtu vechiye lillezii fetara" s-cevavati leaf-arda hanifen and ma one mine "l-mürikiin"


Sacrifice, prayer at the places where the festival prayer takes place, prayer after prayer in the places where prayer is not the prayer after the morning prayer. There are, however, differences in terms of sacrificial duration according to the sects. According to Hanefil, the sacrifice can be sacrificed day and night during this period, while the third day of the feast continues until the end of the feast day, but it is more convenient to be cut during the day. On the other hand, there is no hesitation in continuing with sacrifices until the fourth day of the day.


When the sacrifice is cut, the kibble is turned and the bubble is rotated. The anvil picks up the ac, lies on the left without tormenting and avoids the burning movements.

As we said earlier, in the sacrifice that begins with praying and reading the prayer; at least one of the two arteries must be cut with breathing and feeding tubes to make the cut according to the method. the cut off from the spinal cord of the animal in Islam is mechruh (although not forbidden). It is expected that you can slaughter the animal afterwards. The animal leaves after it is dead from the ba ba. The animal should never be tortured while cutting off the Kurbalk. Care must be taken to ensure that no extra ac is drawn. For this reason, it is clear that the victim is cut off from the competent person. Moreover, the environment can not be polluted during the sacrifice. Care must be taken to cleanliness, one of the demands of our religion. Again, if more than one sacrifice is cut in the same area, a cut must be made on the ground to prevent you from seeing the victim.


After the completion of the sacrifice, sacrifice was an important issue. The meat from the curd is first divided. Part of it is that of the poor who can not sacrifice. Part of the Animal will be shared with relatives, mothers and mothers. Part of the house is called a home. So you can give a portion of the sacrifice to a relative or friend. It is very important to share both our culture and our religion, especially with the commons, with friends, with the needy and the poor.


First of all, the victim must only be cut off from animals whose meat is halal. Regardless of which goal you are interrupted; blood, wounds, beads, urinary bladder, genitals, shower and eggs are considered morally reproductive. On the other hand, it is permitted in Maliki and delegates to eat kurbaln eggs (stockings). It is clear that these parts must be buried in the ground, or that cats and dogs are given to animals.


Arefe celebrate Night and party nights with worship and dhikrullah. The Prophet (s.a.v) Efendimiz: "I will not die on the day that the hearts will die as Ramadan and the sacrificial festival evenings are over." (Bn-i Mâce, 563, 1782)

* Party to get up early in the morning

* Gusul to do the ablution

Use miswak

* Good scent crawl

* Wear the best dresses

* Gum-faced and sweet talking

* After the sacrifice is cut off, two rakugan prayers are held. This prayer is read al-Kevser in the first rak & ah; ah and al-hlâs surahs in the second rakâ € ™ ah.

* Give a charity

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