2018 YKS placement analysis: peak of competition at the top

According to the statistics that provide guidance on the 2018 YKS that was implemented for the first time this year, a total of 839,490 cannabis 710,000 982 candidates were licensed in the universities of the state, foundation, TRNC and abroad.

According to the evaluations of the education experts, there was accumulation in the sections that were included in reaching verbal and equal weight, some departments that received the first 10-20 last year closed the first 5000 doors in 2018. Here are some statements from OSYM and YÖK & # 39; s 2018 YKS reports:

Last year, 225 students from state universities never accepted. In 2018 it was number 68. These increased from 45 to 63 of the foundation and TRNC universities. It is thought that the Dalgan people who live in the district were influential in the last days. So a total of 171 programs never came to the student.

A total of 80 thousand 103 quotas were left in the state, 58 thousand 107 licenses and 21 thousand 996 associate degree. 23 thousand 531 undergraduate, 14 thousand 408 associate degree, that is, 37 thousand 939 quota did not fill the quota. The total number of vacancies, including the TRNC and universities abroad, amounted to 128 thousand 508.

2018 YKS placement analysis: peak of competition at the top

The most successful school type did not change. The social sciences schools place about 7 percent of every 10 students in an education program with 64 percent. However, students who followed a course in all types of high school were reduced. The most successful type of high school, the special science high school & # 39; in 2017 & # 39; the 59 percent, the percentage has dropped to 57 percent. In high school she was stretched from 54 to 52. In other words: 32,000 539 applications to YKS have a license for 16,000 780 scientific licenses. With 539 thousand 92, the Anatolian high schools that applied the largest number of students to YKS also fell to 30 percent from 35 percent this year. In the type of high school & # 39 ;, 423 271 students entering YKS, only 1 in 10 students have become university students. Private high school is 31 percent behind the 45 percent of last year. The rate is 16 percent in imam hatiplere.

Successful and equal weighted successful students
Salim Ünsal (education expert): Because some numerical students answered oral tests with equal weight in the EUS, there was accumulation in the verbal parts, especially in the high successive positions. Although the Turkish bachelor program for language and literature in Boğaziçi received about the first 3 students last year, this increased to 1,300 in 2018. A similar picture emerged in the parts that were also popular in the same weight. In 2017 the bachelor's program of the METU Economie, which received the last 14 candidates, reached the first nine. Especially this year, most numerical programs & # 39; s filled the quota with lower success rates. According to 2017, from the 15th to the 15th; dentistry dropped from 22 to 27. Civil engineering attracted the attention of the decrease from 207 thousand to 300 thousand. In equally weighted terms, Law 33 to 43; psychology has accepted up to 80 thousand students from 63 b. The oral Turkish doctrine has evolved from about 95 to 70.

Kemal Candy (first in Turkey Equal-Weight): He has been a scholarship student at the Business Administration department at Bilkent University.
Mustafa Emir Gazioğlu (Numerical and basic skill test first): Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa prefers Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine (English).

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