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TOPLU Housing Administration (TOKİ) has sold homes for 35 citizens with low or medium income. In total there are 5 thousand 543 homes until the end of this year. The price of these houses starts at 80 thousand and monthly installments start at 285 lira. TOKİ President Ergun Turan stated that the main reasons are to make the citizens who can not be homeowners a homeowner, and that 95 percent of homes built over the last 3.5 years are social housing for lower and middle income groups.

Currently Turkey's 35 provinces stating that they offer for sale with 5000 543 homes selling open method Turan, the price of homes that deviate from the project said that 80,000 TL begins. Claiming that the houses are sold according to the order of priority, Turan said that citizens are able to claim housing until the end of the year by submitting an application to the relevant banks. Turkey around the narrow and medium to citizens on income groups facing social housing and stressed that they build habitats Turan, "a quarter of our countries and in order to meet the needs of man and the basic needs of our asylum, the construction of a new residential area, and dozens of housing projects we carry are carried on in life.Our production philosophy is based on our social housing projects, which are characterized by small and medium income citizens.We have been providing our services for years with kind hands for our citizens with a small and medium income, which can hardly be hosted under market conditions, it is our intention to make a residence of our citizens who are not yet a resident. "

Turan said that the citizens who want to apply for housing should not have a home, Turan said: "Our most important condition is that our citizens have never had a home before, and TOKİ & # 39; den have not bought houses or home loans and are not used Require 18 year old conditions According to some of our homes, 10, 20 and 25 will be sold with options of 120 and 240 months' deposit, "he said. Selling prices, terms and conditions of use of dwellings are stated on the TOKI website, Turan said, referring to these conditions in general, the applicants emphasized that these conditions may differ depending on the projects offered for sale.

£ 285 at home in installments

TURKAN, with the instructions of the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that TOKİ is a horizontal and regional architectural style in housing construction. "Turan, 84% of the houses that have been built for 3.5 years, consists of 6 floors and under buildings In all cities and towns we said: & # 39; The highest building will not be the TOKI building & # 39 and we continue to follow this principle. "Turan noted that they attach great importance to the neighborhood culture that holds people from different economic layers together and that they continue to do and implement projects in Manisa, Mugla, Gaziantep and Kayaşehir.

Turan said that TOKİ was able to produce 43,000 houses in 19 years from the date of establishment from 1984 to 2002. "We have become an institution that has produced 822 thousand homes in the past 14 years, and 65 thousand homes were produced in 2016 and 2017 closed with 60 thousand houses, we will continue our residential production in 2018. "Turan, which targets 65-70 thousand residential units in 2018, said:" Objective for 2023 years to reach 1 million 200 thousand residential units There were 1 million housing goals, we reviewed it in 2015, we went to 1 million 200 thousand houses and now that we have reached about 840 thousand units to the point that we will arrive in the next 6-7 years, I hope we have exceeded the number, " he.

TOKI talebin is intense in the case that the owner of the housing is a citizen with a low income. In the last 1356 applications in Istanbul Silivri 20 thousand 639 applications for citizens with low and average income require affordable housing to be disclosed. TOKI is expected to offer new houses in Kayabaşı, Silivri and Tuzla in Istanbul in the coming months.

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