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Turkish Air Bilal Ekşi, Managing Director of Turkish Airlines (THY), said Istanbul's new airport will increase competition and that" the number of flights will increase as a result of the increase of the competition, which will result in a relative decrease in ticket prices. "

THY & # 39; s tickets are 49 lires Eksi said they would sell plane tickets at very reasonable prices on domestic and international routes, and that last-minute ticket prices were high because of the high price of the tickets, according to Ekşi, "40% of the tickets are sold on domestic flights under 100 lira. we launch many campaigns and launch 69 lire ticket sales campaigns for 2019.

Ticket fi Yachts will be determined according to the pricing policies of other airlines that will arrange flights to Istanbul's new airport, Ekşi said: "It is not possible to say prices are going down today because ticket prices, requirements and competitors are being determined.

Ekşi stated that since 2003 THY has grown by more than 10 percent each year and that Istanbul New Airport has offered more capacity and growth, he said. [19659003]


On February 14, 2019, 41 aircraft will join the THY fleet until the end of this year, Sour said: "So we will grow above 10 percent.

Sociede stated that the aircraft participating in the THY fleet in 2018 are narrow and that the aircraft that will be delivered next year will have a large body and that they can go further with less fuel.

General Manager of General Manager of Turkish Airlines Bilal Ekşi said that after the general directorate of civil aviation, which was employed for about 5.5 years, October 2016 was appointed Managing Director of Turkish Airlines, in 2016 people are shocked for the first time by the loss of morality. When it comes to the task, the first thing you do is to remove the rarity from the middle and emphasize the feeling of the employees that we can do it. "With the measures and motivation we took in 2016, 2017 was the year of transformation for us, with THY making the biggest gain in its history with $ 1 billion $ 20 million." Employees believed and realized this success, "he said. Eksi noted that they have adjusted their end-of-year goals upwards to do better this year and will record a record in passenger numbers and profitability. THY wants to transport 75 million passengers this year.

Bilal Ekşi said the first flights will be organized from the new airport to Ankara on the domestic routes and to the Turkish Republic North -Cyprus and Azerbaijan on the outer routes. "He said, acidic, expressing their desire to be the oldest of the state during the first flight, said THY chairman Temeler Ayci and he would accompany the passengers.Sourced underlined that the first passengers will have small surprises. [19659010]

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