3. Cancellation of a transport quotation at the airport

The vengeance company Altur-Havas-Free Tourism has raised 475 million 488 thousand pounds including VAT. It was claimed that the Mayor of Istanbul, Mevlüt Uysal, did not approve the tender on the grounds that "public benefits did not occur" in the line rental business for 10 years with 150 buses on 18 lines to "Luxury Luggage Lines Lines (BLT)" create lines and transport the vehicles with suitable vehicles. As the expected increase in the price of passengers and transport for the new airport was not realized, it was announced that the tender had been canceled and the tender was re-scheduled. Meanwhile, on 29 October, when the airport was to start, it was indicated that the necessary measures had been taken to prevent disruption of transport.

24 contracts were purchased for the tender of 468 million estimated value including 180 million full-ticket VAT, but only 5 envelopes were offered.

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