3,000 KYK recruitment requests for staff are over by İŞKUR

The applications for the recruitment of 3,000 employees received by the institution for loans and places to sleep (KYK) are closed with vacancies via İŞKUR. According to KYK announcement personnel procurement; Continuous workers, disabled employees and conscientious workers will be recruited through various functions via İŞKUR. Credit and dormitories Institution has come to the last day of announcements to buy for different positions. Here are the details.

State Department of Personnel & Organization and Turkey Business Association of Credit and dormitories according to the orders that the Council (KJC) have published to remove deficiencies officer personnel within the body of three thousand permanent employees in various positions, disabled workers and Esk Condemned recruitment was announced. TEO According to Job Ads; Credit and dormitory institution Security officer, maintenance and repair assistant, clerk / officer / stove and cleaner positions in total 3000 staff to be acquired. Accordingly, 2,000 264 permanent workers, 406 disabled workers and 330 old convicts will purchase workers.

KJC the candidate to become Turkey citizens, no conviction for a crime, he did his military service or has nothing to do with the military, have completed the training level in accordance with the desired position with the latest application to date have the age of Completed 18 years, to move the conditions of the special law or other regulations, In order not to lack public rights, to be positive in the archival research to be carried out, will be sought to qualify or retirement pension from a social security institution.

For the other, housekeeper, disabled and formerly convicted employees, the draw will be made before the notary at the elementary level will be determined. In addition, there are no obstacles to working in shifts for Security Officer and Air Conditioning Officer / Healer.

In this direction, each candidate can register for only one professional branch and a workplace to publish on İŞKUR. The trial period of the persons to be recruited will be 60 days and the job status of the failed candidates will be canceled within this period.

Safety, air conditioning and maintenance personnel must at least be high school or balanced graduates of the school and they must have achieved at least 60 points with KPSSP94 point type of public personnel selection exam made by OSYM 2016.

Candidates apply at the Turkish temporary employment agency (İSKUR) when publishing the statement. However, they must be completed by 27 August 2018 at the latest. The list of candidates listed in the list and submitted by the ISKUR to the ISKUR for the applicants submitting the application will be published at the address www.yurtkur.gsb.gov.tr, the official website of the official ISE- webpage. Candidates are not informed in writing. For this reason it is important that candidates follow the application process at the indicated internet address.


Turkey Business Council announced three thousand people in question (TEO) was published and candidates are required to implement the application electronically via TEO and August 27, 2018 on. Candidates can register their application by opening the system and entering the system by placing a copy of https://esube.iskur.gov.tr/Istihdam/AcikIsIlanAra.aspx and placing it on the screen to display on the screen. Open by submitting HIGHER TEACHING CREDITS and APPLICANT CERTIFICATES.


Documents that must be submitted by the ISKUR on the final list to be submitted to the general management of VQA, documents to be delivered, location of the documents, examination dates and other information will be announced on the website of the credit and dormitory institution (www. .yurtkur.gsb.gov.tr) no mention will be made. Applicants must follow the application process at the indicated internet address.

How is İŞKUR registered?

İŞKUR There are a few important headlines that you need to know before you register.

İŞKUR distinguishes job seekers and employers and asks you to register for the system to become a member of the system.

Members must enter their e-mail address or phone number to activate their accounts. It is sufficient to enter at least one. Otherwise, the membership can not be activated because the confirmation code can not be sent.

If the members' accounts are not active within 1 year of the last transaction date, the memberships will be suspended if the account is not logged during this period. This period is two years in the registers of disabled and former prisoners.

All messages that are not read by the members within 15 days are automatically deleted.

To register with İŞKUR, you must tell us at the beginning of your letter that you are an employer or a job-seeker. The links to participate in both are shown below.

Then accept the membership contracts that are not available and enter your profile information (password, name, surname, etc.) completely and correctly. Once you have registered this phase, create your profile. You can add your CV in the form of a word file if you need to fill in the details of your learning situation, functions, training status, functions you are looking for, etc. It is recommended that you add your profile photo at this stage. This is because it is determined that people with profile photos will find jobs earlier. Then İŞKUR gives you a consultant and you continue to work with you or the employer to bring you or the employee together.

If you do not want to join İŞKUR via the Internet, you can also request a registration with a document showing your training status at the nearest provincial office of İŞKUR in your city. The employees here help you with the registration process.

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