& # 39; In local elections, 2 plus 2 equals 4 & # 39;

Mehmet Özhaseki said, Kaba They consider the Alliance of the Soviets as an obstacle against a number of dangerous situations in metropolitan cities, and angel. This city is yours, this city is ours & # 39 ;. Local elections may not equal 2 plus 2 equals, Yerel said.

One of the most important agenda items of politics is whether an alliance will be held in local elections. The question of continuing the association between the AK party and the MHP in local elections is a question of curiosity. After the MHP announced not to nominate in Istanbul, the attitude of the AK party towards the alliance will be determined after the meeting of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and MHP leader Bahçeli. I spoke with Mehmet Özhaseki, vice-chairman of local governments who had been assigned to the AK party to conduct the alliance talks. Özhaseki answered Milliyet & # 39; s questions:

& # 39; No sharpness & # 39;

– How does the process run in the alliance negotiations?

Of course, Mr. Devlet Bahçeli Bey and Mr. President made a statement in recent weeks. These are the statements that say they are looking at this problem. Numan Bey and my name were determined by our president to continue these alliance talks at our party. In MHP they determined Sadir Durmaz Bey. It is currently in good faith. This is also very true, we never reject it, which is important, is already good faith. If there are good intentions in the beginning, we think that there will be a solution. In our basic argument we have already concluded that the Cumhur alliance is a very correct alliance. Turkey was faced with a survival issue, the parties do not matter. Turkey's unity that we have built up a political consensus in the face of these major problems were enormous. This was taken over and loved by the citizens. Now we see this as an obstacle to certain dangerous situations, especially in metropolitan areas. But in the coming days we will start talking about it, there is no clarity about how it will happen. We have emphasized that we will stick to the spirit and continuity of the alliance. The success of the Cumhur Alliance is our priority.

& # 39; Wrong understandable & # 39;

– What is the red line of the AK party in these alliance talks? You know, if something like acak Let's give this city, let's take this city. Im is not coming. What will the red line be as a criterion? What are you going to put on the table?

In other words, a bargain does not come too close; Olmaz This city you get, this city is ours, so rough a bargain is never true. The citizen does not like it, the citizen shows the reaction already. Especially in local elections, 2 plus, 2 is equal, 4 is not. I look at the polls, for example 80 percent of the citizens have made the decision, but 20 percent of the candidate is waiting, he says. Local attention is very much. In 1999, for example, our party in Kayseri met with a result and finally both the general elections and the local elections together. From the general election, our party received 22 percent of the votes, we received 40 percent in the municipality. The citizen is very selective, very careful, pondering about who represents himself, who moves is moving. He puts his hand on his conscience, he uses the game the last time he leaves the section. So it may not be right to watch out for things like a bargain. However, alliances can be established, albeit without a legal infrastructure, a kind of alliance between citizens and their own voting preferences. Because there is no clarity about it, but they all need discussion, they will have to be consulted in the coming days. First of all, I would like to say that the Republican Alliance was not set up for a bargain, but for the future of the nation.

– It was announced that you will be a candidate in every province –

Of course we work according to him, but in the coming days the negotiations show what, I can not know him. The candidate who will do the work will not be the most who voted.

& # 39; We will make the most comfortable choice in Istanbul & # 39;

– How does it work in Istanbul?

Istanbul is not only one of Turkey's most important centers in Turkey. Everyone wants to manage Istanbul, all parties want. Citizens have already assigned different parties on time. So in Istanbul there are 4 periods of CHP, there is also the Motherland party, there are several military periods. Then, in 1986, the president of the republic began a great service attack. Indeed, the difference between Istanbul and Istanbul is twenty years ago. If you look in terms of green areas, roads, bridges, tunnels, if you look at the rail systems in terms of length compared to the old is what we do. When I saw the civil service, I would say very clearly that there would be a trend since the AK party. These people have not forgotten the mountain clutter. He also remembered that nearly 40 civilians died in landfills. It did not forget that the militants were sitting in the cafes and taking the bus to the action area. We have been doing so well in our continuous work for almost twenty years in Istanbul, so we think we will do one of our most comfortable choices in Istanbul in the coming days. Because we tell you what we do and what we can do in the coming days. Our program is for sure, Istanbul's analysis is also certain, what is needed in Istanbul. We have the power to do that.

We refuse to negotiate & # 39;

– CHP-HDP alliance claims for Istanbul HD

We hear the work of the other parties, it develops as follows: who is the smartest? With whom do we get the most votes? This is the first. Secondly, we can not afford it, we can not choose the smartest figures, who should we take with us? Start negotiations with the party of the terrorist organization. I suspect that there is no one who does not. Everyone has heard the whole of Turkey. This does not stop at all from the citizens. So, give us a few provinces, you get the capital, Bir is a bargain, as the beginning of the business we have rejected the purchase. That is why I hope that we feel more comfortable in Istanbul.

& # 39; Candidate Statement finds end of this month & # 39;

– How will the AK party be prepared for local elections?

AK Party, local party with many successful examples of municipalities and a structure that is now in the same line as before, continues to work in the same line. We have come to the end of the surveys that we conduct every year as headquarters. Almost every mayor and 6-7 surveys for municipal services. In addition, there are reports from our delegates who visit these regions several times a year. Now there are reports that our local authorities have prepared about those cities. When all of this comes together, the success and failure of a mayor is very small. If the organization, parliamentarians and surveys overlap, then there is nothing to say, we will say that the path is clear. No, sometimes when they are contradictory, we are assessing. What are we looking for in our candidates? a; Of course we are looking for merit and driving license. In other words, the man we will place there is not the man who will come out as a result of the question işi Who gets the most votes? Oy, he is the man who can do the work first. Moreover, the door of our president will be open, the heart will be open, the table will be open, the face will laugh. Now, when they come together, our candidate profile also appears.

Prepare report

– When will the AK party announce the candidates?

Nowadays, our fieldwork continues. So on the one hand, polls, on the one hand the friends of the area to listen to the citizens there, as a result of these reports have been prepared. I suppose we will set up committees from mid-month this month, assess these reports and evaluate the applications. Gradually the work begins to evolve, the names begin to appear. Well, I think this is the end of the month.

& # 39; Change can also & # 39;

– How many of the mayors can be eaten?

It is too early to say that we can not give a figure. We sail to a new era, cordiality. Here, in our hand, by measuring the value of the mayor's manager, whether he can do this work by measuring the candidate's determination, while on the other hand we must look at what is really the human relationship, more carefully. We will continue our journey with our friends who meet all these criteria, but there can be changes, innovations can be in many places, this has to be achieved naturally.

& # 39; PURPOSE, 20 PLACES TO COME MORE & # 39;

– What is the target in the elections?

We are the first party in 60 provinces and we are the 2nd party in 6 provinces. That is to say, the AK party is already mayor in 48 cities, but can take many more provinces. How does the AK party go? He can do this work by reading the cities correctly, taking the right photos, finding suitable candidates behind them and responding to the expectations of the nation. If we analyze the cities correctly and then start with the right names, we can do that in many places. Our goal, of course, is to obtain the old municipalities that we have bought and then, as I said, we prepare for at least 20 other provinces.

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