5 million pounds of my stable caught the gang

KocaeliFrom, The Netherlandsto go Armenia & # 39;gas bar the way of the truck driver 20 tons of molybdenum 5 people would have stolen the mine.

According to the information received, the road to the Netherlands stopped to follow the truck that departed from Molybdenum truck loaded with Armenia, policeman car ornaments by giving them the police stopped the Gebze district.

The suspects who hit the driver fled the truck and fled.

The Security Directorate of the Public Safety Department of the Kocaeli management, Director of the Homicide and Gas headquarters, started the study.

Teams, stolen 5 million pounds discovered that the mine is loaded in 3 trucks. One of the trucks in the Bay district, the other two in Istanbul, found one of the five people who held aliens in custody.

It was learned that the operations of the suspects stayed with the police.

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