6 vehicles interwoven: there are many victims

Accident, evening hours Akseki – Seydisehir highway near the city of Yarpuz came to the festival. According to the information obtained, the 31 A780 plate car from Hasan Yilmaz came in the direction of Akseki Seydisehir, Hasan Şimşek from the opposite direction, 06 FT 9981 plate car and Serkan Kahveci 34 arm 38 plate vehicle in collision with the plate.

Shortly after the accident in the rainy area, the three vehicles following the same route were involved in the accident. Sarkan Kahveci, Sibel Genc Kahveci, Oğulcan Kahveci, Hatice Evlialioğlu, Nurcan Yilmaz, Deniz Özgü Yılmaz, Yaren Özge Yilazaz, Elif Şimşek, Serpil Şimşek, Metin Marble and Tolga Akyol were injured in the car & # 39; s when the vehicles after the accident back in the car.

While some of the injured were treated ambulatory, some were removed from Seydişehir and Akseki with ambulances from hospitals.


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