665 thousand TL donation to the drop was collected

DONATIONS Circle, a social initiative that created the digital version of the piggy bank, set out in 2014 by donating opportunities in e-commerce purchases. Morhipo.com, a Boyner Group company that had the first experience with applying, offered customers the opportunity to donate the loss of retail amount to the customer. After the Boyner Group e-commerce sites, Yuvarla changed the business model and made donating possible in all editions.

Yuvarla celebrates its fourth anniversary this year and completes all physical and online expenses such as clothing, restaurants and markets that have been made with banks and credit cards and only donates the coins to the selected non-governmental organization. In this process, Yuvarla, who also supported Boyner Group's volunteer platform that supports social entrepreneurs, continues to grow rapidly.

According to the statement made since 2014, thanks to a total of 903 thousand 718 transactions, a total of 665 thousand TL donations were collected. This amount collected through rounding was transferred from Kızılay to TEMA, from Tohum Autism Foundation to AKUT in 17 different NGOs.

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A user donates an average of 4 TL per month, a potential of 1.1 billion TL
Social entrepreneurs are not Yerebas and was founded by Emre danacm & Roll; individual donations from habit spread in Turkey. Roll over665 thousand TL donation to the drop was collected
the sum of the monthly payment day donated by a person is close to 4 TL. If, however, 1 million people think that they make this donation every month, it can be possible to transfer 4 million TL to citizen's collection every month.

Interbank's role supporters Card Center (BKM) according to the data only in Turkey percent of all card expenditures & # 39; Roll Herzegovina emerging source 1.1 billion per year. This figure is sufficient to give 900,000 children scholarships annually for better education.

In research through donations collected 903,000 718 rounds seems to give the most support for the health of donors in Turkey. The proportions of donations donated are respectively; 39.71 percent health, 28.08 percent in education and youth, 17.87 percent in the environment, 14 percent in emergency aid and humanitarian aid, and 34 percent.

According to the explanation, a donation of 172 thousand 284 TL was donated to the Cancer Children Umut Foundation (KAÇUV). This donation covers the expenses of 33 children who have lived on average for 6 months during treatment at the KAÇUV Family House. TEMA for donation of 96 thousand 336 TL was collected. This amount is sufficient for the afforestation of an area of ​​about 66 football fields. The rolling pennies were reflected on the Koruncuk Foundation as 58 thousand 739 TL, while life-saving AKUTA donated 46 thousand 240 TL.

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AKUT – Association for search and rescue
ACEV – Mother Child Education Foundation
Darüşşafaka Society
WWF Turkey – World Wildlife Foundation
IHH – Humanitarian Relief Foundation
KAÇUV – Hope for Cancer Children Foundation
TEMA Foundation
Tohum Autism Foundation
TOG – Community Volunteers Foundation
Turkish education association
TEV – Turkish education foundation
TEGV – Educational Volunteer Foundation of Turkey
-Turkey KORUNCUK Foundation for Children in Need of Protection
TOFD – Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association
Yesilay Society
Turkish red crescent
UNICEF National Committee Turkey

How can you use the role?
You can use the application in the explanation as follows: "Go to Yuvarla.com or download the Roll application to your smartphone Select the association or foundation you want to support with your clubs in the list Define only the first 6 and the last 4 of the bank / credit card to Yuvarla.When you make a fraudulent expense, the spouses who will complete your fraud will be donated to the institution you choose directly.You can choose the amount you want to donate per month and you can upper limit. "


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