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The American embassy building in Ankara yesterday against the Sabahat at 5.30 am da fired six cars from the vehicle in motion. Ahmet Çelikten and Osman Gündaş, who were engaged in the armed attack, were arrested 11 hours after the pistol with a pistol with a diameter of 9 mm and fled on 06 BDP 502 vehicles.

Atatürk Boulevard, a vehicle in the course of a military attack on the American ambassador in Ankara, was ready. At 5.30 am 6 vehicles were set on fire in the embassy building. 3 of the bullets hit the glass of the security club with the iron gate of the embassy building. There were 6 empty hives on the scene. While the attack was being carried out in the context of the terrorist attack, the police began to investigate terror and intelligence services. When investigating the images of MOBESE and security cameras, it was determined that the attackers had escaped with the 06 BDP 502 plate vehicle.

One of the bullets hit the window of the security club, two of them hit the door. Photo: Selahattin SÖNMEZ
One of the bullets hit the window of the security club, two of them hit the door. Photo: Selahattin SÖNMEZ

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It was determined that the attackers left Ankara after the incident. Attackers Ahmet Çelikten (39) and Osman Gündaş (38) were caught with pistols with a diameter of 9 mm. 06 BDP 502 pirated vehicles escaped by the attackers were confiscated and taken safely for inspection. Attackers steel and Gündaş, while accepting the initial statements they are attacking, she learned that they are being influenced by recent tensions between the US and Turkey. Meanwhile it was also established that the attackers used alcohol and drugs during the incident.

It turned out that Çelikten and Gündaş had been convicted of numerous crimes such as car theft, drugs and human abuse. It turned out that the attackers had escaped while Çelikten had been punished by a man who had been injured before, a half-open prisoner and wanted to be a prisoner. The other suspect, Gündaş, was registered as a criminal for crimes such as taxis, drugs, threats, car theft, deliberate injuries and threatening road safety.

The criminal laboratory was sent to determine whether the weapon used was also used in other violations. The investigation showed that the suspects in custody were not related to a terrorist organization.

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The US embassy issued a thank you message: "We thank the Turkish security services and the Turkish government for the rapid and professional arrest of two people this morning, claiming that they had carried out an attack on our embassy, ​​we welcome the support and protection they offer us . "



Presidential spokesman Abraham Kalin: This is clearly an attempt to create chaos. Turkey is a safe country and under the protection of the law, all foreign missions. The incident is investigated and will be lit as quickly as possible.


Minister for the Interior Süleyman Noble: We will only have learned the details of the event when it reaches those who have made it happen. If there is no provocation at these events, is that an unfortunate case, or is it a case of provocation? Both our intelligence and Ankara security, all our units are concentrated.


Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Cavusoglu: We condemn the provocative attack on the American embassy in Ankara. We are the followers of the fact that the incident is alleviated as quickly as possible and that the factions are brought against the judiciary.

MHP chairman Devlet Bahceli: It is not a good move. Republic of Turkey must investigate the matter. Such behavior should not be allowed.


AK party spokesman Ömer Çelik: There is no doubt that this action, which was done by those behind it, will soon open. Turkey who are in foreign missions, embassies, they are under the protection of our state. Those who carry out diplomatic activities are the guests of our nationality. Maximum sensitivity is shown to ensure all types of safety. Turkey is a safe country. No injuries or injuries. This is an open provocation.

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