70-year-old person in Nazilli for his wife, and then committed suicide suicide

The 70-year-old person in the district of Aydin's Nazi offender shot his wife and then committed suicide with the same rifle.
The event took place at 9.30 pm near Pinarbasi. According to information obtained, the 70-year-old retired construction worker sitting on the street Mehmet Emin Kızıltaş, argued with his wife Cemile Kızıltaş for an unknown reason. Mehmet Emin Kiziltas, who lost his life, shot and killed his gun without a permit. The old man hit his wife with the same gun this time after he shot him.
Guns from the house with police informing residents of the sounds of the house, the teams met the couple Kiziltas.
Politeams took security measures on the street after the tension in the region began. The investigation teams from the crime scene in the house where the incident took place began to work.

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