9-day Bilancosu from Bayram Holidays: 142 Dead, 859 Injured

Despite the measures taken and the warnings made, sad traffic accidents occurred during this holiday. Because of the nine-day Kurban Bayram holiday 142 people lost their lives in road accidents that took place in cities, interurban roads and rural settlements throughout the country until the end of the working day on August 17, he was injured. 8 people in Bingöl on August 22, and 3 other children in Erzincan on August 25 lost their lives and the other fatal accidents during the holidays were heartbreaking. In the past 24 hours, 10 people were killed in accidents that took place across the country and 75 people were injured.


Uşak Ulubey county killed 2 people in traffic accidents, 6 people were injured.

In Hatay, the driver of the panel plane, who falls from the back of the parked bank, lost his life.

The driver of the truck with the crumbling truck that crashed in the Iznik district of Bursa died.

Army Ulubey province in the minibus of champion tilt of 1 person lost his life.

Three people were killed in the same family in the car dropped in Kayseri and one wounded was taken to the hospital.

Bolu & # 39; da 3 vehicles in a chain of traffic accidents killed 1 person, 5 people were injured.

In Mugla Datça 1 person died in the traffic accident and 1 injured person was taken to the hospital.

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