A car in Sakarya unearthed in a motorcycle: kill 8 people!

According to the first findings of traffic accidents in the Kocaali district in Sakarya, 8 people lost their lives.

The accident occurred on the way to Kocaali-Akçakoca. According to the light commercial vehicle, the driver lost control of the driver until the end with a rollover. The car that stood between the engine group could barely stop. According to the first findings in the accident, 8 people were killed.

Sakarya Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu, who provides information about the accident, said: "All health teams and traffic teams are at the scene of the incident." The road that Akçakoca connects with our grandfather A car loses control and steps across the street, dribbling under the engine group, 8 civilians were killed, two civilians injured, "he said.


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