A very important EYT statement from President Erdogan! Put the last point …

The fate of the EYT law, which is expected to be around 700 thousand people, is not on the agenda. Expected to be discussed in parliament on 1 October The latest developments in the field of retirement age are closely monitored. Citizens who complete the premium day and meet all other conditions except age, require that they open the way to retirement. According to the evaluations it is possible for SSK members to retire with 3 options if they are entitled to the law no. So, is there an up-to-date arrangement for people with a retirement age? What are the recent statements by the Government of the Government for the EYT? Will there be an EYT law in October? Here, in the pensionable age, EYT, last minute developments for early retirement …

ERDOGAN has set the deadline: "We do not plan"

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who made important statements during the AK faction group, also put an end to the issue of age-related problems at retirement. Erdogan; "In our book there is no place of laziness, slowness of fatigue. We do not approve early retirement in our social security system, but the way of those who want to be in politics is clear. " All doors were closed for EYT with texts.

"We see how our social security system has become a disaster in recent days with the campaign as retirement age." I want to share my views on early retirement. "In order to be brought forward, the insurance period has a number of days and age criteria.In 1999 the age requirement was introduced.This is the essence of the burned campaign of life, the association was established, the lady in this association was included in the system in 1992. If the old system had retired at the age of 38. Now this lady can start receiving pension in 2020, namely 48-year-old pension, there is no app. "

Expressly that the cost of the offer amounts to £ 26 billion, President Erdogan has prosecuted as follows, "There are 6.3 million people in the retirement age group, of whom 1.3 million can retire immediately, and the rest will be able to claim the pension of £ 26 billion a year." This number is £ 750 billion. In such a period of economic liberation I ask my country if we have the right to tax our nation so heavily.." he said.


MHP Istanbul Deputy Arzu Erdem, who stepped up before the pensionable age, presented the bill to parliament. This bill, in which millions of retired candidates are stimulated, citizens who are older but who miss the premium day can retire by borrowing their missing premiums. Erdem said in his speech in the Turkish Grand National Assembly: "We have presented our bills on those who are attached to the retirement age." We believe that the solutions of the Turkish nation will be found where a problem occurs. in the form of.

While entering the proposal committee, as the scheme of the retirement age of the unemployed for various reasons, but the job can not fill the amount of premiums, find work and not work, or because the age of the advanced job of 100 a thousand people will be opened to retire.

Bağ-Kur & borrowed from the past through the Restructuring Act were given the opportunity to retire if they met the requirements for age, year and premium. Now the same opportunities for SSIs are on the agenda.


As the expected law for pensioners, the pension will be opened for transactions. The law will pave the way for workers who are dismissed, relieved of work due to bankruptcy or who are forced to take a job and the way to retired traders who can not pay a premium because they close the shutters.


President of the presidency Ibrahim Kalin directed last night by a pension age in the cabinet's proposal for what is the perspective of the proposal? & # 39; the following statement about the question;

"This issue is not on the Cabinet's agenda, but the parliamentary pillar is a separate issue: in the new government system, the Assembly can issue its own laws."


The issue of the age of pensioners on the agenda of the opposition parties is now one of the most discussed issues. 4 opposition parties have drawn up separate instructions and submitted their proposals. The main article of the proposals is as follows; Women who started working as insured persons before 8 September 1999, 20 men and 25 years insurance period of 5 years in case of meeting the requirement to pay a pension without waiting for the age … As a result of these demands from opposition parties in various places came from government representatives.

It is said that the work is on the agenda for the problem of dating the age of many people insured before 1999. In this case, the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance discussed the burden on the budget to be discussed in this work, according to the concept drawn up by age compared to the remaining years of retirement by receiving a low salary. From now on, no clear study and route map is given, the eyes are expected in the coming days. Any future disclosure of the EYT law will be in the details of our news.


Contrary to him after the Cabinet meeting held the last day, the opposition parties, particularly the MHP, suggested to Parliament that they should solve the problem of those who were in pensionable age. What do you look for as a government? Do you support MHP? & # 39; In response to the question from the spokesman Ibrahim Kalin of the presidency: "This topic is not on the agenda today, the government is not on the agenda," he said.


Mehmet Muş, vice president of the AK faction group, asked: "Is there a pensionable age scheme?" "We have nothing at the moment, we have no work on this issue," he said, adding that the citizens who had filled the day of the day and who had to wait to complete the age requirement did not have their expectations.

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