Adana news lost his young life

Dogan Ş., Who came into difficulties in the Aladağ district of Adana, wrapped around the wires in the electric pole he climbed and was covered with fluff and put an end to his life.

The incident took place in the Sinanpaşa district. Dogan Ş., Who claimed to suffer from family problems, climbed to the electric pole.


The young man, wrapped in electrical wires between the dizzying eyes of lovers of religion, got into the electric current. The firefighters who came to the site were freed from the main electricity pole. Health teams, Doğan Ş. Has lost his life on the set scene.


Adana Forensic Medicine Institution Morgu was abolished to perform autopsy of the civilian population. Adana Public Prosecution Service started an investigation into the incident. All news in the Local news section of Anadolu Agency,
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