After Farm Bank, Kashar Bank!

In Sultangazi, 30 people filed an application with the public prosecutor's office in Gaziosmanpaşa Adliyesi and claimed that the ÜÖÖ who collects money by saying "We Will Trade Cheddar" has paid them thousands of pounds. According to the prosecution of the Prosecution, Ü.Ö, who works in a private food company, collected money from acquaintances who said: "I will buy caterpillar wholesale from the place where I work, buy cash from the factory, sell futures to markets and distribute money ". According to DHA, U.Ö., who also made a refund for the people who collected money for a while, lots of money from a large number of people collected after the trust and then disappeared.


Mesut Ergun, a truck driver, said:

"I met a friend of mine and I paid a lot of money for my friend," I said, "What is this?" I said, "I buy Kashar and sell it and give it to you." At first I gave it £ 13,000. He gave me back, he gave me some money, and then we heard that he was cheating and he took money from us and he took the cash from the money he got from us and he got 2 tons of cash per 1 ton. We returned to us and then we realized that we were also being scammed like the Farm Bank. In total 100 thousand lira & # 39; s were issued and the other victims were startled with 450 thousand lira & # 39; s and some of them sold their cars, There are 50-60 people I know who are in this way are deceived and 30 people we already know went to the judiciary. We now expect that we will be found. At the time we heard that & # 39; Bulgaria has escaped & # 39 ;, we did the same with the farm bench. We call it & # 39; Kashar Bank & # 39 ;. "

It turned out that Ü.Ö played in an advertisement for raw meatballs for a local news site. The prosecution started an investigation into the case.


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