Ak Partili Ünal: How well the new system works

AK Party Vice President Mahir Unal, said the new government system gives a major boost to Turkey, "Economics confronted our experience with a currency attack." This is how it was an indication that worked well the new system of government ," he said.

Kahramanmaraş & # 39; ta protocol and citizens fled in the program held for the governor's office. Mahir Ünal, deputy chairman of the AK party, deputies, mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations, muhtars and civilians participated in the flotation program, which was organized by governor Vahdettin Ozkan.

Mahir Ünal said at the end of the holiday that they had a party in peace. Now, both politics and government and a high division of tasks in the state of high coordination and organization that Unal expresses, said:

"This is a considerable speed, it makes it to the new system in Turkey, coordination and flexibility.You have experienced recently faced with a currency attack on our economy now know.This is as an indication of the new system of how that worked good governance, we will see both the outcome of the gathering under one roof of the economy With the determination and high coordination of our deceased minister and Treasurer of the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance and the high coordination of this measure, the new system eliminated with the resilience of a nation, the presidential system of government remains flexible and highly coordinated and with great determination and courage … this means that Turkey is taking the road quickly. "- Kahramanmaras

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