AK party, Hamza Mountain & Abdullah Gul haindir & # 39; first comment on the words

The AK party, the Adana Provincial chairmanship of the AK party, the Central Committee of the Executive Committee and the party spokesman Ömer Celik, the party congress "energy is renewed" interpretation.

AK party vice-chairman and Izmir deputy Hamza Dağ answered the questions of the journalists about the words of the 11th President Abdullah Gul. Party speaker Çelik said that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a careful and thoughtful language use instructions.

"We always pay a lot of attention to the use of careful and attentive language and the creation of our company language within this framework, AK Party traditions are already so, therefore we do not approve of extreme expressions that exceed the limits of criticism. this friend is an exaggeration that exceeds the limit of criticism, an expression that we did not approve of, we did not approve of it, Mr Gül made a parliamentary delegate to our party, the ministry, the prime minister and the presidency. In this connection, we remind our general primates of careful, attentive language.Abdullah Gul has recently been criticized for his political views.Council is normal, but we have an attitude towards expressions that go beyond the limits of criticism. "


Hamza Dag President Abdullah Gul will be a candidate against President Erdogan in the June 24 elections, saying: "This is one of those who betrayed this movement. but Erdogan will be a candidate to stand up against the candidate, "he said. (DHA)

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