Aleyna, who bore 4 people with his organs, was tears

Döşemealtı Halil Akyüz Anatolian High School 12th grade Budanir's burial was taken out of the mortuary and taken home. When the funeral service came out onto the street, family members suffered great sadness. Hülya Budanir, touching her daughter's coffin, tears. His family tried to calm Aulyna Hatun's mother Hulya, her father Shahimdan and her sister Hilal Budanir.

Hülya Budanir said: "You had dreams, you will certainly leave this house."


After leaving the funeral home, the family members folded together.

Aleyna Hatun Budanır's burial, prayer time was done in Döşemealtı TOKİ Mosque, prayers were given to the ground in the district cemetery.


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