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On the agenda of Turkey entering list connections June elections 24 6 months after parties put all scenarios on the table for local elections yıpal. MHP, which established the AK party and the Republican Alliance in the June 24 elections, has maintained the clearest statement since the alliance, but there is no decisive message at the front of the AK party. The GOOD Party and Felicity Party, which set up the CHP and the Millet Alliance, are planning only local elections or only to enter into a bilateral alliance, while the CHP is discussing partial alliance plans with the CHP. 24 HDP alone took part in June, but there is no official statement, but the CHP said the scenario's were answered. MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli's election in the local elections with the words of the president of the alliance, the debate on the agenda of the parties and their attitude are the following:


After the announcement of the "voluntary" alliance model in the local elections that President Erdoğan made before 24 June, the final statement of party spokesman Ömer Çelik came after the FMC had been in Erdogan's presidency last week. On the question: "Will we see a presidential alliance in local elections?", Steel said: "We are not talking about this in the context of local elections, but in principle I can say that." We have seen in the past to what extent the President Alliance has responded to the demands of our nationality and the wishes of our nationality, so we remain committed to the principles set out as the presidential alliance, and we always emphasize that these principles and the alliance are valuable. not something like a local election, and I will share this with you clearly when it comes to an evaluation in this way. "


MHP leader Devlet Bahceli stressed that the alliance should be continued in the four-legged local election strategy & # 39; that was announced the day before. Bahçeli said that the establishment of the presidential system of government is the most elementary agenda of construction activity by institutions and rules, saying: "We do not want to see any control between the central government and local authorities, and that the possible conflicts, contradictions and tensions that are very difficult the new government system will hamper to row, will drag our country to a crucial reality. "The conclusion to be drawn from the elections for local authorities must be appropriate for the nature of the presidential government system, for cooperation, for iridianism, and for the success usually achieved by local authorities, our work will also focus on this, especially Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, plus 27 other metropolitan municipal authorities, should never take control of the parties that are the country. lost, who have been detained and who are stationed in the PKK-P job YD, this is a historical responsibility. I draw the gold thick, so that the majesty controlled by the cysts must be provided with manifestation, empowerment and compromise in order to be suitable for the structure of the new system. Certainly should not be led by the PKK in Turkey, municipalities should not return to pre Published July 15, CHP-HDPE and dark alliance with laid with Cumhurun ​​reserve will be kept broken. "


CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesman Faik Öztrak the previous day General Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu President of the FMC after the conclusion of the alliance was evaluated. Öztrak said that with Öztrak HDP, we will see how we will win with whom we will win the alliance at local elections, we do not have such issues on our agenda. However, the party Erdal Aksünger, Dursun flowers, such as the names of non-deputies who are active in the party, alliance with HDP is clearly stated. Dursun Çiçek said that according to the criteria of the previous day, HDP candidates could be nominated by the CHP.


There is no official statement in the HDP that some CHPs have turned to the alliance, but party spokeswoman Ayhan Bilgen explained in a TV program that they participated on the day that people willing to become candidates of the CHP at the local elections saw them first. Bilgen, said: "Local elections, despite the general center, alliances occur.There are such signals.In those who want to be CHP candidates, contact our provincial organizations.When we win together, why lose.There is no idea of this "


On June 24, the SP, which is under the roof of the National Alliance, has not been warmly welcomed for the local elections. SP President Temel Karamollaoğlu stated yesterday that "everyone does not want to go to the local elections alone – for him an alliance in local elections is currently not on our agenda." (DECISION)

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