Ankara news – Bahceli: local elections must be held on time

Ozkan ARSLAN- Mohammed DAY / ANKARA (DHA) -. MHP president Devlet Bahçeli, "At present Turkey, some circles in an inhabited very important economic and political problems of the environment brings the agenda elections beginning of each party more than 20,000 mayors, council members, provincial councilor elected the selection of another To shorten would be to drag Turkey into the chaos with another local election mark .It is time for local elections to be done, "he said.
State Bahceli, after the festive prayer, visited the former president of the MHP, Alparslan, the tomb of Turkes in Beştepe. Here came the Bahçeli and his descendants, who came one by one to the meeting with the party members, afterwards to Turkish Kabir. After reading the Holy Quran Bahceli, the Turk's hut left behind red and white carnations. The copper eagle swallowed it.
the sacred of Devlet Bahçeli with a pressure on the members of the visit, "Today, all of whom acknowledge the Muslim community, the Sacrifice Feast." Our nation as we used to wear such a celebration enthusiastic desire celebration. the Muslim community, or Turkey, major problems, our nation of this feast, because he lived a sad day we hope instrumentally in the slope.Helefully, it will be much better days, fusion, merger, integration, peace, stability, Turkey will be the future .This festival will play a big part in this, "he said.
will not compromise on sanctions against Turkey and it said, would not affect the European and US President Donald Trump's "I love the Turkish nation, we get along well with Erdogan, but we do not think we have agreed Brunson "in the direction of the words asked the garden," Brunson to us more as it was our we have no business ".
When Bahçeli asked him if he wanted to work for the local elections and to make an alliance with the AK party in these elections, Bahçeli said:
"At the moment Turkey is experiencing very important economic and political problems by some circles in an environment that opens the agenda, which is not true, and must be done in the local elections on March 31, 2019. When we associate with the date of the elections this January 1, 2019 in the local elections Turkey will be officially introduced in accordance with the schedule set by the YSK.Not surprising, when very narrow, especially the more than 20,000 mayors in each party, city councilors, provincial general as councilors elected to shorten a selection, Turkey is marking a local election the there is no alliance between the political parties in the elections of the local administrations because the candidates have come forward in each district and in the district continue to make their choice, either by family members or by neighboring villagers in solidarity with the various parties most people are too in the presence of a natural alliance candidate or local councilor. Some of them have no voices at all, some have received voices in places they never had. In her interpretation as an alliance between political parties, they remain on their quest to make a new race into a race with the alliance of nations. It will not happen. They want to try the alliance of nations, including HDP. When the different candidates are finished, neither the CHP nor the others have trouble offering integrity around those candidates "

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