ASELSAN enters a medical device

Aselsan of Turkey's high-tech centers, expands its efforts to vernacularization of medical devices. The company, which puts the production of life-saving electro-shock devices on the agenda, wants to develop ambitious domestic products in innovative and international markets. Aselsan has worked on the development of radiological (X-ray) imaging systems, MR imaging systems (magnetic resonance imaging), smart turnout for war and emergency aid and will add a new product to these medical device studies. The company works with METSI MEDICAL and defibrillator (electroshock) devices and aims to produce innovative and internationally challenged products with local possibilities. Medical Metsis, university and industry exports to more than 20 countries in partnership with Turkey's first and only external manufacturer's defibrillator. Turkey Aselsan medical devices that should lead to the current increase in production, the knowledge of electronics to defend the security of Turkey, transport, use of energy to meet the needs in the field of automation and medical technologies.

The company is working on projects and solutions that will increase domestic design and production capabilities and reduce external dependency on health technology. In this context, hardware, software, device and system development and production activities are carried out. The market for automatic electric shock equipment in the world is about $ 3 billion.

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