ASELSAN will save lives! Research started

Aselsan, Turkey's defense against the knowledge of electronic security, transportation, use of energy to meet the needs in the field of automation and health care technologies.

The company is working on projects and solutions that will increase domestic design and production capabilities and reduce external dependency on health technology. In this context, hardware, software, device and system development and production activities are carried out.

ASELSAN, which focuses on the localization of medical equipment, researches the development of superficial radiology (X-ray) imaging systems, magnetic resonance imaging systems, smart turnout for war and emergency aid.

Continue research on biotin and CBRN systems (defense systems against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats) to develop the detection, diagnosis, analysis and simulation systems for biological defense, a critical area of ​​civil and military defense, with the national possibilities and to acquire the necessary technologies in this respect. It is.

ASELSAN adds a new product to these medical device studies. For this purpose the company will cooperate with METsis Medical for defibrillator (electroshock) devices.

Medical Metsis, universities and business, which exports to more than 20 countries with the cooperation of the Turkish first and draws attention only as external manufacturers defibrillator.

With METAL engineering, high-tech product development and quality management capabilities, METIS field expertise in the defibrillator field will bring together innovative and internationally challenging products with domestic capabilities.

The company, which has led to the current surge in Turkey with the production of medical devices and medical devices technical skills obtained in the defense industry aims to bring a new breath to the sector.

The most important assistant in the race in the course of time

One in three people who have lost their lives around the world, about 20 million people a year lost their lives due to heart disease. Sudden cardiac arrest is also seen as the main cause of death.

When this situation occurs, the defibrillator, heart electro shock device is the most effective and important device that increases the likelihood of shelf life. The defibrillator is used to bring electrical current to the heart, causing irregular vibrations in the heart muscle to stop and the normal functioning of the heartbeat is guaranteed.

Defibrillation applied in the first 20-30 seconds in the event of sudden cardiac arrest can reduce the heart rate to the normal rhythm in the vicinity of 100 percent. Every minute of delay in defibrillation means a reduction of 10 percent of your survival chances. For this reason, it is very important to have access to defibrillator devices outside the hospital.

Automatic defibrillator devices, which can be used by anyone who has received basic first aid training, are involved at this point. Automatic defibrillators analyze the electrical activity of the heart and determine the need for electroshock applications.

Places where busy places such as businesses, shopping centers and public transport vehicles stand out as places where automatic defibrillator devices should be placed. It is stated that it is possible to reduce the loss of human life by 40% of myocardial infarctions due to the inadequacy of emergency intervention.

The market for automatic defibrillators in the world is about $ 3 billion, and the market is growing rapidly.

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