Attention August 30 Poster in Adana Hd

Greek, English and French posters about the different points of the city before the 96th anniversary of the August 30 Victory Day of the Seyhan District municipality of Adana were noted.

Seyhan Municipality prepared by the & # 39; If the Greeks had won the war on August 30, this would be like this banner & # 39; written in Greek pankarılarını are surprised. The same poster was posted in English and French at various points in the city. These posters said that the pancakes would be prepared in this way if the British and French would win the battle. In another banner we fortunately won the victory and used the expressions of celebrating the Victory on August 30th on our mainland, our mother tongue.

Citizens said they were very moved when they saw the banners. A native named Ertan Girgiz who stated that he had learned the meaning of the article by writing an internet, it really makes sense. I am very moved now. But it was written in Turkish, it did not work. I hope this article writes every time. I hope that God will write as much as Turkish.

Derya Ilhan, who declared that he thought that Russian was the first to see the banner he had written on several occasions, said that he was very impressed when he learned the meaning of the article and that luck in battle success.

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