Bad accident in Gaziantep: there are many deaths and injuries

The balance of the traffic accident was again heavy. In Gaziantep a minibus collided with a van that transported seasonal workers. 19 people were injured in the accident in which 8 people lost their lives.

4 people died. 19 people were injured in a bloody accident.

The minibus of a catering company collided with the van that transported seasonal workers to the pistachio garden.

The accident occurred on the highway "Oğuzeli-Elbeyli" in the city of Oğuzeli of Gaziantep.

As soon as the incident was heard, numerous health teams and rescue teams were sent to the region. According to the findings, 4 people died. Of the 23 people who were removed to hospital, 4 were not saved despite all interventions in the hospital. In this way 8 people were killed and 19 wounded.

The driver of the private company distributing food to the Syrian camp has long been stolen on Ali Bor's phone. The gendarmerie teams who found Bor's phone, who was one of those who had lost his life in the accident, could not answer the call.

It was found that one of the victims was Abraham Şahin, the driver of the van who was involved in the accident. It was noted that Hawk was married a year ago and that his wife was 7 months pregnant.


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