Bahceli: If Byzantine, Malazgirt spirit is also there, hawthorn

MHP president Devlet Bahçeli said that the Malazgirt victory is an enviable product of faith, faith, patience, strategic management, compliance with the higher countries, conscience, humanity, integration and embracing beyond military success.

The MHP leader continued with the following words:

If Byzantine is present, there is also the spirit of Malazgirt; We will protect the fatherland at all costs. Byzantine tactics used by terrorist organizations are the tactics of Byzantine tactics, the inspiration of those who are brutally fictitious political and economic operations, the Byzantine province, foreign exchange and exchange games are Byzantine methods. We are not afraid of the enemy, we are not afraid of foreign currency. The warrior's mind and experience still burns in the sine of the Turkish people, and Malazgirt rocks like a flag.

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