Bahceli: local elections must be held on time

MHP president Devlet Bahçeli visited the tomb of the late Alparslan Turkes in Beştepe, Ankara. After the visit, journalists answered their questions. Bahçeli, who wishes the Festival of Sacrifice to be a means for the good, said: "I hope the days will be much better." Fusion, fusion, integration, peace and stability will be the future of Turkey. ", he said.

Not true

On reminding the local elections of the wrong recording, Bahceli said:

Turkey's main economic and political problems experienced by some circles in an environment that still brings agenda early elections. Local authorities in particular have the choice. This is not true. Local elections must take place by 31 March 2019 at the latest. We associate with the election calendar January 1, 2019 the local authorities in the election process in Turkey will be officially introduced in accordance with the schedule drawn up by the Supreme Election Board. The time is as long as it is. Take before, let alone the more than 20,000 mayor of each party, municipal councilors, provincial general councilors elected to shorten a selection completely different in chaos with Turkey at the local elections to shorten the occasion. For this reason, local authorities must hold their elections in time. There is no alliance between the political parties in the local government elections. Because every district and every city has found candidates, either in relatives, neighbors, or in the villagers, or in a neighborhood with solidarity. These are people from different parties.

National Alliance criticism

A natural alliance is provided by the presence of the candidate, the municipal councilor, the people of the provincial council. "Bahceli said: Some of them have never received votes, some have received unexpected votes, so he interprets it as an alliance between the parties and remains at the end of their search to put a new race back into the national alliance. It will not happen, they wanted to record the National Alliance, HDP.When the different candidates are out, neither the Republican People's Party nor the others have trouble to offer integrity to those candidates, which is the natural nature of your work.

Trump & a pastor response

The US President Donald Trump's "I love Turkey and the Turkish people" anımsatılıp the description, to a question regarding the retention of its position towards the priest Brunson Garden, "Brunson to us more as why not our job, "he said.

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