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The MHP Secretary General, Donald Trump, US Secretary of State, said that "the state of the Republic of Turkey maintains the glory-state". America will have to do what Turkey has to say here. " he said.

Baheli visited the lkc ehitler Ant in Kzlcahamam with his delegation.

Baheli, who greeted the party members individually, defied the carnations behind the reading of the Qur'an.

Later Gkbk Ota & # 39; after no Baheli, who has become a member of the ant, the questions of journalists on the way.

– "Trump, ly karm, he does not realize what you mean"

A journalist said: "There are conclusions that the US minister Donald Trump is targeting Turkey, and finally, the priest Brunson was not subjected to a fair trial and he was not a spy, and he used threatening language in Turkey again. # 39; Baheli added: "Trump, darling, he does not realize what he said, he talks to Twitter, but he can not read it … I have not taken this seriously and the Republic of Turkey keeps pace with the situation … America will have to do here in Turkey, I believe in him. " he said.

In the message from Kurban Bayram, Baheli said: "Minister Erdoan has also expressed the strategic ambition to make Turkey a strategic target." To the question "What are your syllables", "Everyone uses a greasy slush, yantn.

MHP General Minister Baheli said: "It is not a right move." The Turkish government should investigate the state and such actions should not be imposed. he said.


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