Bolu Tem & # 39; in Return Density at Bolu Transit

Concentration of turn in Tem & # 39; in Bolu pass

KURBAN Bayramı vacation in the country to spend time after the road to get stuck in traffic, the TEM has created an intense Bolu pass.

The vacationers started out to avoid the intensity that could occur on the last day of the 9-day holiday. The intensity of the light traffic, which started in the morning towards Istanbul to the Bolu pass of the TEM, continued to increase after noon. Especially the density of the parts Caydurt and Elmalik on the highway was high. The traffic stopped at a certain moment. Along the way there were long queues of cars when the traffic was completely stopped while there were accidents with material damage. The density continued until Bolu Mountain Tunnel. The traffic intensity is expected to increase further tomorrow and Sunday.

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