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ISTANBUL Police Headquarters has made provincial agreements every year. There were 6 district managers and 7 department managers were provincial police chiefs. According to the new appointments, a total of 65 agreements were made between 22 district municipalities, 22 municipal municipalities, 12 main police committees and 9 municipal authorities.


Kadir Alçıkaya, who is in charge of the anti-terrorist branch, the directorate for the fight against bomb attack and investigation and the Representation of Witness Protection Department, Kadir Alçıkaya, director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, the Directorate for Fighting organized crime, the anti-crime department, Directorate Anti crimes, he will serve as the head of the police responsible for smuggling and anti-smuggler affiliates.

Sinan Kökten, the assistant director of the police station, director of the Anti-Narcotic Brigade department and coordinator of region B, continues to act as director of B-region coordinator and is appointed head of the Beyoğlu district security directorate, the directorate of the security department, the directorate of the filmmaking industry, the sport security sector directorate and the Galatasaray sports club. I was responsible for it.

Necmettin Öztürk, the deputy director of the Provincial Police, will continue his duties as Personnel Manager, Branch Manager, Coordinating Branch Manager, Legal Affairs and Investigation Branch Manager, and Provincial Police Officer Assistant responsible for Branch Responsible Social Services.

Haydar Özdemir, responsible for the Directorate of the Security Department, the Directorate of Film Dispensation, the Provincial Security Directorate responsible for the Sport Security Directorate, responsible for the District Security Directorates of Besiktas and Saryer, Directorate for the Deniz Limanı Department, Preventive Services Directorate, Directorate Güven Timlar Branch and Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club The head of the police supervisor will carry out the mission.

Kayhan Ay, director of Anti-Terror Branch, was appointed Assistant Provincial Police Officer. Ay & # 39; s Directorate for Counterterrorism, Department of Bomb Destruction and Research Branch Title and Witness Protection Department.

Koray Şensoy, who served as director of Foto Film Branch, was appointed member of the Provincial Police. Şensoy will be responsible for the Büyükçekmece District Security Directorate, Silivri District Security Directorate and Çatalca District Security Directorates.

Serdar Çelebi, who served as Marine Port Branch Manager, was also appointed Provincial Security Director. The Security Directorates of Çelebi, Avcılar and Beylikduzu District are responsible.

Üsküdar District Police commander Gurhan Kaya was appointed a member of the Provincial Police. Kaya is responsible for the Security Directorate of the Üsküdar district.

Emre Erdogan, who is the director of the Atatürk Airport Branch, will be appointed as the provincial security director and will also serve as the manager responsible for Atatürk Airport.

Şile District Police Chief Abdulvahit Unal was appointed to the Provincial Police Department and was responsible for the Tuzla District Security Directorate, the Pendik District Security Directorate and the Sabiha Gökçen Airport Branch Directorate.

Mehmet Çatal, Bayrampaşa and Güngören will serve as District Security Directorates and Information Technology Branch Director, Communication Electronics Branch Manager, Tourism Branch Manager and Police Deputy Manager responsible for Ümraniye Sports Club.

Nihat Yıldırım, director of C Region Coordinator, Kadıköy and Sultanbeyli District Security Directorates will act as assistant director of Provincial Security Director, responsible for the Fenerbahçe Sports Club.

He will serve as Ceylan Demir, Police Department, Supply Department Directorate, Budget Directorate, Directorate for Construction and Real Estate, Transport Branch Manager, Sector Development Manager Strategy Development, Deputy Assistant to the Provincial Public Affairs Department, in charge of the Directorate Baltalimani Polisevi.

Mustafa Acikara Kucukcekmece, Bahçelievler and Başkaşehir District Security Directorate responsible for the Provincial Police Deputy Director will serve as.

Atalay Bahar, director of A Region Coordinator, Esenyurt and Bakırköy District Security Directorates and Basaksehir Sports Club will act as Assistant Provincial Police Director.

Ali Tuna Coşkun, Public Security Directorate, Department of the Children's Division and head of the Incidentsites Department will serve as the responsible deputy director of the provincial police.

Bülent Ay will serve as the provincial police deputy director responsible for the traffic guidance department, traffic registration surveillance, regional traffic monitoring, job monitoring and protection.

Faik Ozan Montenegro will serve as Zeytinburnu District Security Directorate and Chief of Criminal Crimes Division and as Assistant Police Chief at Istanbul Sports Club.

Hakan Torun, Maltepe, Ümraniye and Adalar District Police Department responsible for the Provincial Police Deputy Director will serve as.

Mustafa Güntekin will act as the provincial police director who is responsible for the management of the education department and the Community Policing Branch Directorate.

Erdem Bursalı, Şişli District Security Directorate, Private Security Branch Directorate, Foreign Branch Directorate and Kasimpasa Sports Club will serve as Assistant Provincial Security Director.

Alper Karalı, headquarters of Sensitive Zones Protection and Maintenance and Repair Branch Manager responsible for the Provincial Police Deputy Director will serve as.

Mustafa Göçer Bağcılar, Gaziosmanpaşa and Esenler District Security Directorate responsible for the Provincial Police Deputy Director will serve as.

Hakan Yilmaz, Fatih and Kagithane District Police Department, responsible for the Deputy Director of the Provincial Police, will serve as.

Mustafa Koçyiğit, Ataşehir and Kartal District Security Directorates responsible for the provincial police deputy director will serve as.

Hakan Demir will serve as the director of the armed and explosives department, the director of external relations and the deputy director of the provincial police responsible for the Interpol-Europol Directorate.

Mehmet Sururi will serve as assistant to the provincial police director who is responsible for the safety directors Saydam, Beykoz and Şile District.

Muharrem Yazgan will serve as assistant to the Provincial Police Director responsible for the Agile Force Branch Directorate.

Cevdet Hürol Öztürk, Sancaktepe and Cekmekoy District Police Department responsible for the Provincial Police deputy director will serve as.

Emre Erdogan will act as Assistant Provincial Security Director at the management of the Atatürk Airport Branch.

Sunay Balıklıkaya, Sultangazi and Arnavutköy District Police Department responsible for the Provincial Police Deputy Director will serve as.

Ali Saraç, the police department of Eyüp Sultan, who is responsible for the deputy director of the provincial police, will serve as.

Erkan Karalı will serve as assistant to the provincial police director responsible for the Forest Protection Division of the Bosporus Bridge, the General Supervision Directorate and the Discipline Directorate.

Selcuk Aldemir will serve as assistant to the Provincial Police Director who is responsible for the coordination of the execution points.


Ahmet Cengiz Koçak Public Security Branch Manager, Deniz Engin Atatürk Airport Branch Manager Aykut Korkmaz Maintenance and Repair Branch Manager Murat Çaykara Media Public Relations Protocol Branch Manager İsmet Emirza Document Management Branch Manager Mehmet Yaşar Poem Information Technology Branch Manager Cenk Bal Bosphorus Bridge Protection Branch Manager, Yener Yaşar Department for sampling and inspection, Mustafa Şaşmaz Regional Traffic Branch Manager, Filibia Saral Budget Branch Manager, Nadir Konak Agile Force Branch Manager, Serkan Gömce Child Branch Manager, Hakan Alparslan Kırbaş Sea Port Branch Manager, Neslihan Senturk External Relations Branch Manager of the Mustafa branch, Director of Necmettin High General Supervision and Discipline Branch, Sinan Camuroglu, Director of Photo Film Branch, Zefer Baybaba Trust Branches Manager, Hasan Cevher Security Branch Manager, Sinan Arslan Branch Manager of Sensitive Areas Protection Branch Neslihan Türkün Alpay Interpol-Europol Branch Manager, Nilgun Selvi Sabiha Gökçen Airport Branch Manager, İlker Küçükhıdır, Mehmet Tok Aviation Branch Manager, Feramuz Çetin Legal Affairs and Research Branch Manager, Halil Sönmez İkalal Branch Manager, Ali İhsan Şirin Construction Property Branch Manager, Director of Intelligence, Oktay Çelik Anti-Smuggling Crime Branch, Hüseyin Selman Branch Manager Coordinator, Kamil Yildirim Protection Branch Manager, Furkan Sezer Financial Crime Branch Manager, Erdem Torlak Communication Electronic Branch Manager, Tuncon Bird Narcotics Crime Branch Manager, Burak Ball Olay Murat Mutlu Branch Department of Organized Crime, Gürkan Dikyol Preventive Services Branch Manager, Osman Katipoğlu Private Security Branch Manager, Kadri Gençkaya Special Operations Branch Manager, Gökhan Bambal Personnel Branch Manager, Mustafa Demir Polis Evi Branch Manager, Özgür Karlıtepe Director of Cyber ​​Crime Branch, Gülseda Torun Direc of Gun and Explosive Materials Branch, Ömer Erhan Konanç Social Services Branch Manager, Ercan Bilgili Sports Security Branch Manager, Esma Zeyrek Şirin Strategy Development Branch Manager, Ahmet Umutlu Witness Protection Ahmet Başeğmez Traffic Supervision Branch Manager, Hülya Şen Traffic Registrar Branch Manager, Murat Çetiner Tourism Branch Manager, Zafer Torun Transportation Branch Manager, Serpil Hatipoglu Foreign Branch Manager, Branch Manager, Gökhan Nazlım, Director of Anti-Terror Branch, was appointed as.


Murat Bingöl Adalar district police, İlker Şahin Arnavutköy district police, Mesut Aslan Ataşehir district police, Bulent Yesilyurt Avcılar district police officer, Murat Taner Bağcılar district police, Niyazi İnci Bahçelievler district police, Cihat Dağdeviren Bakırkoy district police, Eren Öztürk Basaksehir District Police Chief, Necati Aktug Sahin Bayrampaşa district police, Ercan Çamırcı Besiktas district police chief Hüseyin Güleç Beykoz district police chief Ercan Özmen Beylikdüzü district police chief İsmail Kilic Beyoğlu district police chief Murat Yıldırım Büyükçekmece district police chief, Bülent Çelik Çatalca district police chief, Serdal Ali Sekkin Cekmekoy district police chief Hakan Bolat Esenler district police chief Hakan Becel Esenyurt district police chief Omer Sandy Eyüp Sultan police chief, Al Yalçın Erdem Güngören Police officer, Murat Işık Kadıköy Policeman, Birol Taşkoparan Kagithane Police officer, Oguz Kaan Kartal District Police Chief, Uğur Özdoğanoğlu Küçükçekmece District Superintendent of Police, Efkan Korkmaz Maltepe district police chief, Barış Cukur Pendik district police chief Hakan Sen Sancaktepe district police chief, Caner Coşar Sarıyer district police commander, Taner Ertuk Silivri district police officer Ayhan Karaduman Sultanbeyli district police chief Mehmet Karaca Sultangazi district police chief, Murat Öztaş Şile District Chief of police, Murat Turhan Şişli District Chief of Police, Muslim Kahraman Tuzla Police Chief, Mehmet Baykara Üsküdar District Police Chief, Murat Çakır Ümraniye District Police Chief and Cenk Özmen Zeytinbur will now serve as County Police Head. – Istanbul

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