Canan Karatay: The sacrifice must be eaten with meat

Nilüfer DEMİR / BODRUM (Mugla), (DHA) – Professor of Heart and Internal Medicine Professor. Dr. Canan Karatay said that sacrifice is important for strengthening the immune system and lowering the blood sugar level of the ejaculate along with the fat.
Prof. Erdoğan, who spent his summer vacation in the Akyarlar district in the Bodrum district of Muğla. Dr. Canan Karatay gave a nutrition recommendation for the Festival of Sacrifice. Karatay,
pointed out that the consumption of meat during the Festival of Sacrifice will increase, by saying that rock salt, water and mineral water must be consumed to prevent loss of minerals. Professor Dr. Karatay said: "We will eat a lot of meat because of the sacrifice, we can eat all the sacrifice, we have to eat the sacrifice together with the fat, especially the tail fat of the victim is very important.We will say" cartilage "in Elazığ, the is really tasty It really strengthens the immune system It is very beneficial to eat red meat with the fat protein to reduce blood sugar and blood pressure.Of course, red meat is already done with the oil.Nature is the most important food engineer and we can easily of consuming. "

While paying attention to the need to pay attention to dessert consumption on the occasion of the festival, Prof. dr. Dr. Dr. Karatay said: "We will of course go to the hospice, but we will eat a lot of sugar and we will not eat too much baklava." I eat a slice of baklava, festive banana, you can also eat.
Karatay said that the main cause of fatigue is salt and water loss, and he said: "I do not like the Turkish tea ceremony," We have enough yogurt and cacık on the eve, and it's cool, because we are warm during the months and we do not neglect them, especially salty ayran is very important We are all sweaty and we are in trouble Most of the reason for our weakness is salt and water loss We can easily drink mineral water. "



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