Cansel, who could not receive news on day 9, returned home

Cansel Sezer, a high school graduate for the development of the child, moved two months before the central Osmangazi district of Bursa to the district of Gemlik with his family and left the house in the morning of August 10 to deposit waste. Canselin's family waited until the next moment, thinking he might have gone to his friend. Mother Emel Sezer, her daughter Saffet Sezere, who works in a factory, told her when she came home. Saffet Sezer, father of three children, went to the police department of Gemlik County and found her missing applicant in connection with her daughter Cansel Sezer.

The father of caffeine, Saffet Sezer, who lost the news yesterday, said that when she saw the news of her daughter, she was looking for them in the evenings. He told me he would return home as soon as possible. Today he came home and ended in anxious anticipation. This reunion was a double holiday for us.

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