Children died in Trabzon

Children died from cycling in the district district of Trabzon & # 39; the Dernek.

According to the information received, the neighborhood Yenice district Zeynep Çiftçi cycling while driving, the goal was taken to the State Hospital.

The farmer was dismissed on the grounds that there were no health problems.

Associate Prof. dr. Zeynep Çiftçi, a student of the 7th degree at the Dernekpazarı İmam Hatip Secondary School, applied again to the Of Devlet Hospital after his family collapsed yesterday.

Zeynep Çiftçi, who was referred to the Farabi hospital of Karadeniz Technical University, could not be saved despite the interventions.

Provincial direction Health in the field of research on the subject, the cause of death of Zeynep Çiftçi will be detected by autopsy.

Provincial health director Kemal Süleyman, said in a statement, the death of Zeynep Farmer is suspicious, so the investigation was started, he said.

Suleyman stated that they had had a meeting with the head doctor of the State Hospital. "The hospital administration has investigated the relevant medical staff and is investigating the case itself." The public prosecutor has already started an investigation. he said.


Süleyman stated that no findings were found as a result of the tests that were carried out when the child first came to the hospital, he said:

"I spoke to the head physician, the child was in good condition at the first hospitalization, his vital functions were normal, everything looked normal, he had a slight bruise, he had a CT scan, a negligence, if there was a defective, of course, it is done as needed Both administrative and judicial administrative investigation has begun.

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